E. V. O. L. – L. O. V. E.

Peering Through a Mist

If You Choose to Accept . . .

To Be Crazy

It’s Friday But Sunday’s Coming

God Will Never Forsake Me

Be the Light

Heart of Flesh

The Christian Property of Salt

Ever Onward is God’s Love

My Savior: An ABC Poem

God’s Grace Follows Me

I Stand Amazed

On a Path Called Life I Met . . .

Shining Jesus’ Light!

Myself, My Enemy

God is Fair

His Creation

Trusting in the Unknown

The Answer to My Prayers

Each Blade

Made Clean

God is on Your Side

Tempted by the Tempter


Am I the Only One?

To All the People

In My Daddy’s Arms


Sweet Sorrow of Love

Dear God – Forever and Always

Dear God – Thank You

Uncle Jerry’s

The Lamb

My Favorite Bible Verses

Life-Size Glad Trash Bags

Strength in Vulnerability

Dear God – Calm Me

Cancer Save Her Life

Throwing Stars

Thank You, Mr. Anxiety


Took My Place ~ A Cento Poem

Learn to Weep Again


Weather Forecast

What I Learned About God from My Daddy

No Earthly Power

This Morning

Not A Spectator Sport

Know. Act. Live.

Your Grace ~ A Cento Poem

Lessons From a High Ropes Course

God’s Glory

Praising God

Priorities, Textbooks, and Bible Verses

Dear God ~ Little Reminders


God Doesn’t Run on Batteries

What My Dog Wants

This Changes Everything ~ A Cento Poem

Something Amazing

Love Extravagantly

God’s Infinite Love

Singing Life

I Thanked God for You Today

The 4 Choices of the Heart

Simple Fear

The Range of God’s Power

God Didn’t Have To

Plans, Tears, and the Creator of the Universe

I used to have another Christian blog called ‘Citizen of Heaven’ which you can click here to see, but it got to be too much and I ended it.

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