Sparking Interest

Six Word Story


Truthfully, I lie


My Fangirl Opinion of Astonishing Adventures

Marvel: A Group of Haikus

The Art of Math

Newly Old of Food

Robin: A Villanelle Poem

The Consulting Detective: A Group of Triolets

Marvel is Better than DC Comics: A Limerick

Hallways of Life Showing Life: A Cinquain

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Comes Out On May 1! A Title Poem

Light Green: A Color Poem

Avengers: Age of Ultron – SPOILER FREE

Forged From Fiction

Just a Feeling

The Protectors

Don’t Miss Out on the Fireworks

Failed Rescue ~ Part 1

Failed Rescue ~ Part 2

Becoming Vulnerable ~ Part 1

The Watch

Becoming Vulnerable ~ Part 2

My One Hundred Word Memoir

The Blinking Cursor

The Magic of Dog-hair

Which Prompts Another?

An Ode to Laziness

The Self-Control of a Speedster

Controlling the Monster

His Creation

My Dearest Love – An Exaggeration

My Attempt on Found Poetry, Again

Create. Be. Enjoy: You

The Simple Goal

One and a Half Regrets

Innocence Beyond Recognition

Am I the Only One?

Doubting Courage

Limited Word Stories  . . . Again

May We Never Forget


The USS Enterprise: A Trio of Cinquains

Remembering You

Uncle Jerry’s

A Modern Day Twas the Night Before Christmas


My Favorite Bible Verses

For What It’s Worth

So Close

Like A Bird Flying

A Different Cinderella Story

More Than A Kelly Clarkson Song

I Wish You

What Are Friends For?

When Words are Overrated

Me: Year One

Cancer Saved Her Life

J Jonah Jameson: A Triolet

The Man Who Made Captain America: A Triolet

Tahereh Mafi ~ In One Hundred Words

Beyond This Moment: 6

Beyond This Moment: 9

Beyond This Moment: 14

Beyond This Moment: Now

Rick Jones: A Triolet

How to Write A Great Chapter in My Novel

Edwin Jarvis: A Triolet

Judge At All

Doctor Octopus: A Triolet

The Chameleon: A Triolet

Quiet Girl

It Was Written In the Sky


Read This Before Class

Procrastination ~ In 100 Words

11 Things I Learned from Batman (1960s)

Takes You to New Worlds

So Do Our Heroes

Minty Memories

Celebration of Nerd-dom

On Education

More Than a Quote

Sixty Years Older

Social Implications of Kindergarten Worksheets


On Writing

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