The Answer to my Prayers

My heart-ached, but unknowing the need

So, silently, His word I read

And soon, I found what was missing

But still, I kept on guessing

Surely that can’t be it

His message I could not transmit

I kept looking, but not truly seeking

I stayed in the same place, never moving




That the answers would appear

That they would come clear

Still not understanding what to do next

I tried to forget, but still perplexed

But the ache came again

And all my thoughts ended with amen

In the prayers, I put my heart

but they were not a work of art

No! They were pleading

Simply asking

For a sign

On what path your light would shine

To give new life and to take away the pain

and wash away the stain

Day after day

I pray

Then, I realize

something that I’ve seen before with my eyes

that sometimes the things we love the most

anguishes us the most

I have begun to love this need

and kept letting it bleed

It had cost me so much

But I kept using it as a crutch

I decided to change

My life I rearrange

I give myself back to Him

My love was brought back to the brim

Oh, it was amazing

So exhilarating

The ache was gone

It was a new dawn

I didn’t feel anything amiss

It was bliss

I felt afflatus, wanting to share my joy

So I did, of Christ an envoy

I was glowing with His love – His light

I felt like I could take flight

My life had truly begun anew

Bursting through my walls, I had a breakthrough

I was no longer looking

but seeking

I felt like I needed to have an impact

One big, or maybe small, act

Diligently, I said the words

to move past the songbirds

who already knew their place

but to reach someone out in space

To help someone grow

and them to help me, also

You’re the answer to my prayers

and I never knew that you were out there, some-wheres.

Teri Lynne Underwood / Foter / CC BY

Teri Lynne Underwood / Foter / CC BY

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