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Looks Like Rain is a Comin’

Looks like rain is a comin’

The sky is blackin’

All the clouds begin to morph together

and the sky begins to blur

Humidity runs high

I sigh

The wind toys with my hair

and I begin to feel a chill in the air

the leaves flip to show their underside

Silver Maple, I identified

The sprinkles on my head make me wonder

if it’s really rain, until I hear the thunder

Looks like rain is a comin’

It came

The fields blow

to shelter I go

The birds hide

and the worms come out to die

A tree gives way

but it was dead anyway

The sidewalks are pelted

From a window, everything is melted

but that’s only from the inside

Nature is alive for the first time outside

Looks like rain is a comin’

It came

I begin to ponder

and my thoughts become a whir

Why am I hiding in here?

It’s just rain, nothing severe

Am I afraid of getting wet?

Water is no threat

It’s just the normal thing to do

been taught to always withdrew

I ask myself the whys?

Then I realize what it symbolize

The rain

is the troubles we disdain

We begin to see the problems coming

but still don’t believe the impending

and keep on saying ‘Looks like rain is a comin”

but don’t do a thing

until it came

and we give it a name

like divorce, or abuse, or death

We stop to take a breath

and remember when

we said

Looks like rain is a comin’

and whisper softly ‘It Came’

And so I decide

(with some pride)

I should take this chance

to go dance

in the rain, to enjoy my tribulations

and give all of my burdens

to the heavens

Looks like rain is a comin’

It came

and I’m okay.



A shaking hand signing over his house.

A shaking body after crying for hours.

A shaky mind after a draining exam.

Shaking because of Parkinson’s disease.

Shaking or Shivering in the cold.

A shaking Chihuahua.

A shaky situation.

A shake or a malt?

Shake it off.

I couldn’t stop shaking. Bouncing. Had the jitters, but needed to cease. But couldn’t. My mind or body needed to move.


Writing anonymously

Writings of the Black Rose

That frankness is rare,
It goes away with the name.
I wish to write as a soul,
And not a body with the worldly load.

The energy inside me must shine out,
Unaffected by the crowds.
Presentation of myself as I am,
Without the influence of anyone.

Strange are the ways
Strange are the reasons
For which the society moulds us.
Actions are expected without reason.

I am a heart
I am a soul
I am not a body
I am not a name.

Anonymous is what I wish to be.
Just a cool breeze.
Influencing the lives I touch.
Spreading the message of love.

For my trustworthiness,
Look into my eyes.
For a positive thought,
Just see me smile.

I’ll be a feeling.
I’ll be an emotion.
For all I know.
For all I care.

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Myself, My Enemy

Spider-man : Green Goblin

Superman : Lex Luthor

Professor X : Magneto

In comicbooks there is generally a definitive enemy -a world in black and white, but in real life the world seems to be colored in gray. Jesus calls for us to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44), but who/what is our enemy? The co-worker who purloins office material, the kid at school who just won’t stop talking, the nagging neighbor? Yet, these people are not your enemy, I mean you can not like them, but they aren’t your nemesis. An enemy is a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something. Who or what is actively opposing you?

From the best and cleanest prospective we can say sin or the devil. While yes that is true, personal experiences and ideas hold more sway in each of our lives. Think deeper. Don’t be afraid to dig further and get your hands dirty because the only way to mold your life of clay is to get messy in it.

For the longest time I thought my own worst enemy was my fears; the Seven Nightmares that I would replay over and over again, but never lived through. Then I realized who created my fears? I did. I was my own worst enemy because I knew every little dirty secret and I could manipulate them in just the right way to break myself.

Enemy = self

There is a popular saying about how you can only trust yourself to get a job done – yourself being your closest ally, but how could I be my own enemy and ally at the same time?

Ally? = self?

God created me for His purpose, He sent His son to die for me because He loved me. Why would He make myself my own worst enemy? He didn’t. Through my Seven Nightmares I had relied on God, which grew my faith (check out Romans 5, really good!). I’m not my closest ally, God is and always will be. Only through my battles could our Alliance and Him being my refuge, grow stronger.

Ally = God

Back to the question of enemies, who is my enemy? Who is actively opposing me? My answer to that is Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” If God is for us (which He is, I mean one word – Calvary) then sin, the devil, my Nightmares, myself is not my enemy, they are my training wheels. The tribulations of life make us stronger, and, boy, I’m thankful for them. Nothing can be against us when God is on our side; an enemy is someone or something against you. By definition, we have no true enemy.

Life may not be comicbook black and white but we know who our ally is – God – and we know who our enemy is.

Enemy = No one and nothing

On Paper

On paper it’s so much easier

Thoughts, events, ideas, memories, ideals

all laid out

With a seeming no beginning or end

Placed just so

So much easier than the spoken word


is jerky


not thought out


But writing is slower

more thoughtful


The question will be answered


no interruptions

On paper it’s so much easier

Thoughts, events, ideas, memories, ideals

all laid out

With a seeming no beginning or end

Placed just so

So much easier than the spoken word

A Breath is Just a Breath

A breath is just a breath

Yet it is what sustains life

Giving oxygen to cells

and clarity to the brain

Gasping for breath going in and out of this world

but in reality

A breath is just a breath

Sighing out of stress

Sighing out of love

Sighing out of heartache

Sighing out of grief

as if all the pain will be pushed

from the mind through the body

and out through the lips

but breathing does not have that luxurious capability

Pain cannot be breathed away

counting to ten gives a step back

but not a way out

A breath is just a breath

Yet by sighs a person can be recognized

a soothing inhale to a crushing sigh

a breath before bad news

followed by a breath after


to oxygen forced through tubes

the breath of life

yet a breath is just a breath

Above or Below Normal

Made ‘peace’ with it

Can’t change the past

It’s outta my control

but truthful, it’s all in my control

The cliches don’t fit me


is not my reaction

I’m not on the scale for normal

They are not asking the right questions

or maybe I’m not giving the right answers

but normal and I

aren’t touchin’

Am I above the norm?

or below it?

But someone out there gotta

match my ideals

think deeper

ask the right questions

and be able to live with my right answers

Someone out there

has to have a new spin

a new perceptive

that is on my scale

of above or below


but never average

just normal.

Shining Jesus’ Light!

Amazing words for such a young lady! 🙂 Keep it up Miss. Nelson! Great sermon.

Citizen Of Heaven

Last Sunday at my church a talented young girl, Nicole Faith Nelson, preached her 5th sermon! She’s only 15, a freshmen in high school, and has some very potent words of wisdom!  She speaks about how we are to shine and reflect Jesus’ light in our words and works. Her points travel from how we must open our eyes to the light of Christ, shine that light out for others, and allow God to light the path He has chosen for us. Below is her sermon, enjoy!

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