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How Are You Thinking?

Too often we ask,

How are you doing?

And more often than not we receive a lie.

I’m fine


Okay, how about you?

We can’t help but lie.

Feelings are fleeting fragments of the soul.

But thoughts,

thoughts are continuous.

I believe a better question to ask is,

How are you thinking?

Are your thoughts manic?

Ragefully pondering revenge?


Peaceful as a willow tree in the heat of August?

Logical and rational?

Wishful dreaming?


Thoughts monitor behavior,

are you thinking rashly or overcationly?

When we are upset we yell,

What were you thinking!?

It’s not the what I’m concerned about,

I wonder how are you thinking.


So how are you thinking?



What Matters Most

It’s finally summer

I’ve been laughing all day

and now I’m watching the sky turn amber

I’m so happy I could shout hurray

even though I know my sun burn

will hurt tomorrow

But tonight whether that warmth is a joyful glow or harmful sun rays, I can’t discern

I’m propped up on my elbow

talking the night away with all of you

about anything and everything

and who knows what will ensue?

I listen and I remind myself of something,

These are the good old times

this is what matters and what matter most

Though others try to convince me otherwise, even ofttimes

They couldn’t be more wrong in the uttermost.

You, my dear friends

are life and make the destination all the more meaningful

True godsends

So thank you for your company and the day so beautiful.

campfire friends



How do you see the world?

How do you see others?

How do you see me?

Somedays you must feel like you are at the Mad Hatter’s tea party

Me saying the strangest things, telling you up is red and the number 5 is west

When I ask you to sew


Somedays you must feel like you are on Jupiter

The gravity so massive and safety is across the galaxy

When I ask you how your weekend was


Somedays you must feel like a helium filled birthday balloon

If you let go you might never come back down to earth

When you finish your project


Somedays you must feel like you are in calculus III knowing only addition

Nothing makes sense, the words too complex and crying should be the solution

When I say we should compromise


Somedays you must feel like me, just normal

but I might

maybe never

ever be able to understand how you feel and see the world

But I know that I will always try

Life Actress Number One

I recently received 642 Tiny Things to Write About and I will try to post some of my responses to the prompts. Here is one: Describe something about your best friend that is often under-appreciated.

You and I have a running joke that you are “Life Actress Number One”

When life isn’t awesome

you don’t let it show

you entertain others with your lively stories

you encourage others with your joyful smile

you let others escape into a world of puns and clever comebacks

you tell others that the world and their lives will be okay

You put on a performance

and dance

and sing

and listen

and hug

and joke

for others,

without letting them see behind the movie screen.

Yet when life is a one-way street,

of only encouraging others,

who encourages you?

Who tells you that the world and your life is going to be okay?

Who gives you a hug?

Who listens to you?

Who smiles for you?

I will and I always will.

I am thankful that I am one of few lucky people

who can see behind the silver screen

who you can tell your crazy life to

who you can trust

who you do not have to entertain

(but I always like it) 🙂

I am thankful that

you are not an actress in our friendship

that we are unscripted.



I hug you

and I try to convey

how I feel about you and this situation

I hug tight to tell you I am supporting you

I hug long to speak to you about how I trying to pour out my love

even though I have tried so many times in words

I hug fully to say you are not alone and I am always here

I hug you because

I’m happy

or you’re happy

I hug you because

I’m crying

or you’re crying

I hug you because

this situation really sucks and a hug is the only way to get through it

I hug you because

it’s hello

or it’s good-bye

I hug you because

it’s the only thing keeping me on the ground

I hug you because

I want to

I wish I could hold onto this moment,

hold onto you

So I close my eyes to memorize this moment

Hugs are so underrated


Flickr/Matthew G

A Near Perfect Day


was the type of day

that I wanted to last just a bit longer.

Not because of everything that I had to get done

but because I wanted to enjoy a near perfect day

a little while longer

So I went to bed late

and I enjoyed more of the day

awake and soaking in memories

and making new ones

of a very good day

just because I wanted to.

And I’m so glad I did