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The Stories That Squiggly, Colorful Lines Tell

I am staring at a globe that is older than I am

It still says that the USSR is a country

and that Croatia is not

It says that Hong Kong is not part of China

and Myanmar’s name is Burma

I am staring at a map that is younger than I am

It says that there is no such thing as South Sudan

This globe and this map

with all their pretty colors

with all their squiggly lines

with all their funny names

do not tell the stories of the people

who live in their pretty colored nations

who live in between their squiggly lines

who live in their funny named cities.

This globe, this map, and even I

tell different stories about this

sphere sprinting across the galaxy

at 67, 000 mph

along with the other one hundred billion

other planets in the Milky Way.

This globe is from 1990

This map is from 2010

some of its recorded history I’ve lived through

most of it I have not

I did not live through the “discovering” of the New World

I did not live through the “conquering” of the West

I did not live through the “civilizing” of the Lost Continent

But I am living now

I do not yet have the priviledge to own a piece of paper

that says that I own some squiggly, colorful piece of land

But I do live in a squiggly, colorful land that says

that I have the right to

These squiggles and colors give us identity

give us unity

give us heritage

A nationality

A citizenship

A people

Yet they give us war

give us quarrels

give us anxiety

give us hatred

give us discrimination

These lines on maps and hearts

tell us differences

but it is up to us

if we choose

to celebrate or

to condem

those differences.


Those changes in our maps

tell us more than just geography

more than just history

they tell us why we fought

and why we fight.


I want to live in a nation

where those squiggly, colorful lines mean something

where they stand for something

something I stand for and stand with

I want to live in a world

where those squiggly, colorful lines

do not divide us

but create in us something greater than

we could have ever imagined separately

I want to live as an individual

unified with my town

unified with my county

unified with my state

unified with my nation

unified with my world

resting securely in the palm of the Lord Almighty

Creator of the heavens and the earth.

Because sometimes to get things done

you have to color outside the lines

even the squiggly, colorful ones


Brushing My Teeth

I love to brush my teeth for a long time

I mean, a long time

because that means

I have time

to brush my teeth for a long time

I have time

waste spend on simple things joys

I can think

I can daydream

I can move slowly

I can pet my dog

I can look around

I can read the Bible verses on my dresser

I love to brush my teeth for a long time

and I love to have time

brushing teeth


Stopped Counting

Time  . . .

My inner clock doesn’t seem to match up

with the world’s clock


It’s not off just by a few seconds

or minutes

but as if my inner clock

has stopped counting altogether.

Quantifying and calculating life is

so foreign?

I completely don’t know how I was able to

live, breath, love

by the rules of

1 tic

2 toc

3 tic

4 toc

echoes the old grandfather clock.



I am not content to live between the pendulum swings.

I don’t want my life to be counted and measured

by this alien number system that says it is 11:17 AM





the mouse ran up the clock.



Tick Tick Tick




I hear my wrist watch tick the seconds go by

Seconds of my life

Seconds of my life I use to make the next days better

to make the next years better

to make others better.

All the days, year, even others

come from these seconds.




Around and around the second hand goes

about my wrist watch face.

Again and again it ticks by,



So repetitive it is,

and yet I will never have that

repetitive second

back again.




I listen to my life slowly tick away,

by your count.

Oh the second hand of my wrist watch,

must you tick so loudly?

Must you tick so loudly

to make me know your owner more?

Your owner,

Master Time.

Do you tick so loudly

to warn me

to persuade me

to protect me

to encourage me

to know that my time with your






I hear the seconds,

not the minutes

not the hours

not the days

not the weeks

not the months

not the years

not the decades

but the seconds.

I hear the smallest of time.


Like A Bird Flying

Freedom has often been personified by flying or by birds. The idea of being able to fly away from our troubles and stress and float on the wind with not a care. To let the whims of daydreams be like a gentle breeze beneath the wings of a bird. When one area is stormy or cold, just fly to another part of the world.

As free as a bird. In flying there is freedom and in freedom there is hope. Hope of making your own way in the world. Hope of accomplishing your dreams. Hope that if only you control your fate, troubles will turn into a distant memory.

We have hope and freedom in flying.

If flying was just like walking, where would our hope be?

We believe flying is freedom because there are no interruptions with roads, stop signs, traffic, authorities.  If flying like a bird had these same things, what would we dream to do? How would we dream to run away?

Things are only precious because they are limited.

Diamonds were only made three times in the history of earth, they are limited, so they are precious. Family is precious because you only have one. Flying is precious because we can’t.

Time is one of the most precious things. Time is money. Wasting time. The idea of time travelling and undoing mistakes. Time is ever inching closer to its end. Only having 24 hours until the day and its routine begins again. The hope that the new years will be different, the transition of time. Time is precious because we only have a finite supply. And because it can end at any moment.

Breathing is something we do without even thinking about it. No one inhales just for the pure joy of breath. Expect when air has been limited. Inhaling the sweet smell of natural, clean, fresh air after being in an airplane, a dirty factory, a cloud of perfume. Breathing is only special when we can’t have it. Our lives depend on the common.

The value of everything is determined by its supply. Limitations make the world go round.

Without boundaries, where are we? Floating through space coming from nowhere going to nothing in no amount of time with no reason.

Limitations gives us identity.

In this age of rebelling against authority, we are rebelling against limitations. Rebelling against what gives us identity and what makes the world go round.

We rebel in hope of freedom and rebel against any limitation. Then what defines freedom, if in that state there is no lines, no boundaries?

We are ever pushing forward, doing what the other guy couldn’t, always progressing. Always breaking limits.

We crawl. We walk. We created the wheel. We created boats. We created the horse drawn carriage.  We created the submarine. We created the train. We created the automobile. We created the plane. We created the spaceship. We created the internet. Always breaking limitations.

What happens when we break all our limits?

There has always been things to explore. The world, the big world, the tiny world, the people of the world, the high world, the low world, the space outside the world.

What happens when we have explored the world and everything beyond and below?

Preciousness stems from limitations.

Without any limits we have all the power to do anything imaginable, but nothing to do.

If flying was just like walking, where would our hope be?

Why was man not made with gills?

To come up for air.



Patrick Mayon via Foter.com / CC BY-NC

Forgotten Time Gone By

Forgotten time gone by




Forgotten time gone by




Forgotten time gone by




Forgotten time gone by




Forgotten time gone by




Forgotten time gone by




Forgotten time gone by

Yet we still remember





Time Piece

What will happen to all of us? What will happen when time is no more? What will happen when time ceases to exist?


When does time end?


A clock is a circle, but is time? No hour is the same, but it is painted the same on the clock. Time never stops, but clocks do. Clocks run out of batteries, when will time’s? Or is time like a pendulum clock moved by gravity? But when time exists no more, will gravity?


What keeps us grounded yet afloat? Time and Gravity.


If time ends, will it end all at the same moment, or will it happen differently like when the shadow passes the earth?


If time ends, will we still be alive or departed – in any sense of the word?


If time ends, will time remember us?


If time ends, will we still remember time?


Will we feel infinite?


Or will we feel crushed because all of time is giving it’s blessings and curses upon the earth?


What is it like to feel TIME?


Is time TRULY indefinite?


If time ends, it will be a different kind of murder.


Frozen in time? Stopped time? Kill time?


Questions, questions, questions. Only in time will they be answered.


We’re not counting numbers. No, we’re contemplating infinites upon infinites.


We die and time lives on, but what if it wasn’t the case? What if we live, but time does not?


We will meet our maker, and we will conclude:


Whatever was, is.

Whatever will be, is.


When time ends, I will still have a soul.