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God is on Your Side

There once was a man named Daniel

and for his faith, he was not bashful

He relied on God

and for that he was known abroad

He was able to interpret dreams

And so Nebuchadnezzar and other kings gave him esteem

Daniel had amassed great power

but it was all through God that he was like a chancellor

But some of the Administrators did not like him

So they went out on a limb

and told the King Darius that he should punish

anyone who prays to any god or man against the King’s wish

Now all the Administrators knew

that Daniel prayed night, moring, and noon

When Daniel heard the decree

he got down on a knee

and prayed to God for guidance

The Administrators saw and placed a grievance

to King, who tried to save

Daniel, but had no choice but to put him in a cave

A cave with hungry lions

The King, before the action

said to Daniel “May your God, whom you serve continually, rescue you!”

A stone was brought over and the King sealed it with his ring, just before the lions were ready to chew

King Darius returned to his palace

but could not sleep through the night, for he was not heartless

At the first light of dawn

The King went to the den, whereupon

Daniel was not eaten in the least!

God closed the mouths of the beasts

At the King’s command

He brought the men who had had this plan

against Daniel to the den and before

they reached the floor

the lions over powered them

Now put your goings of life into this poem

You may be having it tough

and life is a bit rough

Times are hard

and you have your fair share of scars

But always remember, God is on your side

He is your guide

He is your shield and protector

But do not be upset when he doesn’t answer

the prayer you think the way he should

For his ways, to you, are not understood

You are God’s child

When He created you, He smiled

So whatever hardship you are going through

God knows you and the issue

and He will take care

Bring the problems to God in prayer

For He is forever and always on your side.

 Renee Silverman / Foter / CC BY-ND

Renee Silverman / Foter / CC BY-ND

I Ponder

Isn’t amazing

that we can meet and

know the deepest thoughts

and fears

and loves

and beauty

of someone across the world

without ever knowing their true name

their job

or even what they look like

Their facial features

become the appearance of their page

Their voice

becomes the words and writer’s style

The judgement and stereotypes

melt away

and turn into reading between the lines

to truly judge if they are worthy

of clicking the follow button

I ask

I wonder

I ponder

Which is better?

Face to face

we not might give them the time of day


looking at a screen

we give them our deepest selves

but hide what everyone sees.

LucasRichter / Foter / CC BY-SA

LucasRichter / Foter / CC BY-SA

Superhero Sunday

An AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, UNCANNY, MIGHTY, AND BRAVE AND BOLD (puns intended) superhero short story that will blow the costume right off of you! 🙂 The Imagination Kid has real out done herself on this one! She gets the right stereotypes of a superhero, but then twists them just enough. I don’t know which one I like better the writing style or the topic.

This Kid's Writing Is Here

I try not to spend a whole lot of time handcuffed in the local police station, but when I do, it’s approaching 3 am on a Sunday morning and I’m still in my PJs. My feet were bare against the concrete, chilled toes scraping the floor as I swung them back and forth restlessly. How simple it would be to make my escape – I’ve already come up with three different routes – but I decided to give them the benefit of their capture. It’s not like my criminal record was very clean to begin with, anyway.

The events that led up to my arrest began at my house, sometime after midnight. I wasn’t expecting much to happen tonight; freshly showered and cozy in clean red flannel pajamas, all I wanted to do was curl up in bed with the English assignment due at the end of the weekend. I even took…

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Made Clean

A long time ago there was a great flood

God saw the earth and it was horrid

The people were sinning and unclean

and also very mean

But there was one who was not

and his name was Noah and God told him what he ought

Build a big boat

one that can hold through huge amounts of water it would float

And have animals from each kind

but other than your family none from mankind

So from lion

to bison

and lizard

also don’t forget bird

arrived to the ark two by two

The people laughed at Noah because there had been no rain, not even a drop of dew

Noah’s ark took many years

But he works on even through all the jeers

The flood waters did come

and it was something we can’t even fathom

For forty days and forty nights

the rain came down to new heights

but Noah and his family had to stay

in the ark for there was no land to lay

Months passed

and they were the only ones to outlast

Finally, they arrived on mount Ararat

They sent out a bird, but nothing could be brought back that

showed signs of life and land

They waited a week later and

sent out a dove

hoping that it was bring back something from the land of which they love

The bird brought back an olive twig

most likely from a tree sprig

Since now the world was just Noah and his family

the world was sin free

But human nature is so controlling

and again the world is sinning

But God made a promise with Noah

God sent his Son, of which the people called out “Hosanna”

Jesus wiped our sins clean

just as the flood made the world pristine

But we don’t need to catch a ride on that boat

All we need to do is accept God and we will float

For some we will float for years and have God’s comfort

and others a last minute effort

But those who float with Jesus will not find earthly land

but Heaven, and it will be so grand!

I do now ask you

do you believe God is true?

Would you like to be made clean?

Accept God in your heart, for there is no inbetween!

 Paul Keller / Foter / CC BY

Paul Keller / Foter / CC BY

My Dearest Love – An Exaggeration

I have a confession to make

I am in love

I am in love with my blanket

It is one of the first things I reach for in the morning

and one of the last things I put away at night

Yes, in the summer I do wear my love

Not because of a need for warmth, but a need for comfort

It’s soft, yet crunchy from use, arms reach around me

I look over it’s somewhat still fuzziness and find dog slobber, chocolate, and syrup

I walk through the blanket aisle at stores and feel the new perspective friends and how soft they feel

but, Alas, they do not have the memories and loving care that the one has over my shoulders now.

This light green blanket is around me when I write most my pieces and helps me through the tough times of word choices

It is the thing I miss most when leaving for a vacation and what I run to when I return

Oh, the heartbreak, when I must go out in public and leave my special friend behind!

Did Juliet know sorrow when Romeo left?

No, no sorrow compared to my blanket’s love

It’s flowered print is so luscious to me

I could never imagine life without my dearest love

My blanket

I had so much fun writing this poem! 🙂

Three Words and a Question Mark

Three words

and a question mark

that can change a life

Are you happy?

Where the back of your mind

meets the edge of your heart

and the corner of your soul

Are you happy?

Thoughts turn into decisions

Decisions turn into actions

Actions turn into life changing events/moments

Are you happy?

Isn’t that what changes lives

Moments. The time after you say something

and want to take it back

Are you happy?

Humanity’s unsettled, not quite contentment

Moments that change your life

the lives of those around you, and slowly change the world.

Are you happy?

This urge, this push, this pull

That a little bit more is enough

The same question can also wake you up

Are you happy?

Wake you up to the injustice

Wake you up to the pain

Wake you up to the desensitization

Are you happy?

This question is so self centered

and based on a temporary, ever changing idea.

I prefer a whole different question, instead of:

Are you happy?

I prefer: Three words

and a question mark

that can change a life, eternally.

Ready to die?

Each Blade

Have you ever

just stared at the grass?

Sit or lay down

in the grass

This sea of green

and only focus on the grass

Not the birds singing

Not the wind blowing

Not the dogs barking

Not the bugs buzzing

Just the grass

Waving your hand across

the soft and fluffy

or maybe hard and crackly


The different widths

long and thin

short and wide

dark emerald

light emerald

easy to bend

stiff blades

All these differences

and unless you get down to their level

You’ll never notice


What if

God sees us this way

This sea of people

with different problems

and joys


and Fears

And God could just keep on walking on the grass

But He doesn’t

The Lord gets down to our level

He learns each and everyone of us

He learns our hearts

our dreams

our relationships

how we think

our stress

Knows us personally

Have you ever

just stared at humanity?

God has

hummyhummy / Foter / CC BY

hummyhummy / Foter / CC BY