Thoughts in Poetry

Reflections of the Night

E. V. O. L. – L. O. V. E.

Am I Alive?


Time Piece

Reflecting Poetry

To the Roots of the Heart

To Be Crazy

The Color of Transparence

Forgotten Time Gone By

Catching Color

God Will Never Forsake Me

Purpose = Extra?

Imagination Changes Everything

My Missing Character: A Rondeau

If These Walls could Speak

Then Again to Ash

Accomplish Dreams

Once I was a Fairy

My Own Connotation of Infinity

Dying in Dust

Into Thoughts We Dive

Heart of Flesh

Ever Onward is God’s Love

Halfway to Broken

The Fear Underneath

Unfulfilled Daydreams?: A Sonnet – (no iambic in my pentameter)

My Savior: An ABC Poem

God’s Grace Follows Me

We Are Like the Raindrops

Mine: An Oxymoron

Time Machine

A Hunger to be Whole

Falling Upwards

The Yearning

Of Me

Dreams Upon Disney

Dreams of Me

If My Life Was a Novelization

To Go Through Again

The Outside Living

The Strawberry Taste in My Mouth

Above or Below Normal

A Breath is Just a Breath

On Paper

The Doings of Life


Verb- To Create

Looks Like Rain is a Comin’

There is a Scroll

The Crescent Moon

Forged From Fiction


Life Isn’t Always A Game of Chess

Indeed, I Did the Deed

The Executioner

Just a Feeling

The Protectors

Don’t Miss Out on the Fireworks


I’m Missing  . . . But

Failed Rescue ~ Part 1

Failed Rescue ~ Part 2

Impact Hits Metal

Becoming Vulnerable ~ Part 1

The Watch

Becoming Vulnerable ~ Part 2

The Hundred Word Tear

Our Contorted Reasonings

Watching the World Go By

Being Bold

Raining Impact

My One Hundred Word Memoir

The Blinking Cursor

The Magic of Dog-hair

Which Prompts Another?

An Ode to Laziness

The Self- Control of a Speedster

Controlling the Monster

The Water Falls

In the Water

Trusting in the Unknown

Why is it that I Smile at You?

The Answer to My Prayers

Each Blade

Three Words and a Question Mark

My Dearest Love – An Exaggeration

Made Clean

I Ponder

God is on Your Side

A Drop of Soap

How Are You?

My Candles

Living in the Life of Cracks


An Ability

The Simple Goal

Over Here

Not Wasting Time

Holding White and Red Roses

My Cracked Bubble

It is Coming

Tempted by the Tempter

Without an Utterance

Perfectly Alone With You


Not Quite Ready For


Like Fireworks Underwater

The Wind Blows

Gum Wrapper

To My Future Students

Mindless Pleasure

To All the People


Sweet Sorrow of Love


Pictures with Captions

The Constructive Crossword

The Taste

Unfelt: An Oulipo Poem

Sun: A Sonnet

Dining on Poetry

Like Lapping, Crashing Ocean Waves: A Villanelle Poem

The USS Enterprise: A Trio of Cinquains

May We Never Forget the World: A Title Poem

Remembering You

Uncle Jerry’s

A Modern Day Twas the Night Before Christmas

The Lamb



Yet Not Forgotten: A Rondeau Poem

For What It’s Worth

I Wish You


A Daisy: A Rondeau Poem

Gone Away

Specialty Water

Dancing in My Head

When Words are Overrated

Tick Tick Tick

Delusions vs Allusions

How Many Times

Throwing Stars

The Ice Queen

Just Be Blunt: A Rondeau

Didn’t Know

Once Upon a Sky

J Jonah Jameson: A Triolet


The Cost

Thank You, Mr. Anxiety

I Miss You in One Hundred Words


The Man Who Made Captain America: A Triolet

Took My Place ~ A Cento Poem

What Makes My Heart Beat

Peace Like a Fire: A Villanelle

Love to Hate

Tahereh Mafi ~ In One Hundred Words

Beyond This Moment: 6

Beyond This Moment: 9

Beyond This Moment: 14

Beyond This Moment: Now

It Was

Like You ~ In One Hundred Words

War of Words

Rick Jones: A Triolet

How to Write A Great Chapter in My Novel

Learn to Weep Again

Edwin Jarvis: A Triolet

A Handle on a Slab of Wood

Flying: An Abecedarian Poem

The Architect

I Am More ~ In One Hundred Words

After the Rain

My Mind Is Like ~ In Two Hundred Words


They Don’t Make Men Like That Anymore

A Little Drop of Joy

I Am

And Yet

I Am An Ice Cream Carton

When I Was Younger

When Not If

I Remember ~ In Two Hundred Words

The Moment Backwards

Judge At All

Doctor Octopus: A Triolet


The Chameleon: A Triolet



Can We Just Stop Life?



Old Friend

Procrastination ~ In 100 Words

Drop by Drop: A Rondeau Poem

Weather Forecast

Poetry To Me


What I Learned About God from My Daddy

Portals to the Soul

No Earthly Power

This Morning

Secret Spies and Algebra 2/Trig

We the People


My Loves

The Color of Your Tears


Beloved, ~ A Petrarchan Sonnet

To You Who Gave Me Writing


An Ode to Lists in 50 Words

In the Darkness

Words Create

Stopped Counting

Your Grace ~ A Cento Poem

Mr. Tree Frog

So Do Our Heroes


Does No Justice

Looks Can Be Deceiving



Mid-Sentence ~ In 100 Words

For the Sake of



With a Single Glance

How to Die

One Day a Year

A Curious Conundrum



The Little Red Book

The Words Themselves


The World at My Feet

Brushing My Teeth

Because We Have To



Reading to Know You

Beat, Beat, Beat

A Painter’s Palette

More History Than Future

Yet Never Enough

A Flag of Fire ~ A Rondeau

How Does Your Brain Work?


Oak Tree Memories

We Must Be Best Friends ~ Tanka Poems

Snow Day

After Now

This Changes Everything ~ A Cento Poem

More Human than Hero

A History Worth Remembering

God’s Infinite Love

Exhaling Midterms

Sometimes I Wonder

I Thanked God for You Today

The 4 Choices of the Heart

The World a Bit Brighter

Life Uncaptured

The Stories That Squiggly, Colorful Lines Tell

Simple Fear

I Am So Glad

Know Vs. Feel

Drowning in Words ~In 100 Words

Being Human

Teddy Bear

The Light and Dark Side of Imagination

A Near Perfect Day


Life Actress Number One


What Matters Most

How Are You Thinking?

Celebrate Their Sacrifice

Not Going to Be Here ~ In 50 Words

Wonder at Beauty

Out of My Mind

That Place Between

The Range of God’s Power

Beyond Words

God Didn’t Have To

Satisfying Tears

The Moon, My Friend

Select Few


In That Moment

To Be Celebrated


Role Models

Memories’s Magic Act

Think of You

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