The Christian Property of Salt

There are many metaphors that Jesus compares His people to, but the salt in Matthew 5:13 is one of my favorites. “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” The metaphor is only one verse, but the power behind it is amazing reflecting only a shard of the man who said it. If salt loses its flavor, how shall the earth be seasoned?  Salt preserves. Just as in the book series of Little House on the Prairie and in it they would preserve meat for the long winter. Active Christians in their daily lives are like that, they preserve others for the long hardship of life, keeping others good, giving hope. Without a preservative the food will decay, you may say that about our modern day society. Where has the salt gone? – Resigned themselves into a society of conformity. We need to preserve others, because what good is useless salt?

Another lesson from salt is it flavors. O.S. Hawkins in his book, The Jesus Code, says: “Christians are to life what salt is to food. Authentic Christianity always leaves people with a good taste in their mouth.” Authentic Christianity is the key, we all know those too sugary sweet people that just come off fake, that in hope of being friendly, are just plain not. To accomplish our goal we have to be truly authentic – in our hearts. Salt is very potent, just ask any mom teaching their daughter to cook. Compared to the masses of people Jesus wanted his message to reach his disciples who were small in number; but He was not discouraged. His few followers has transformed the world, Jesus knew that a few grains – a few people – can flavor the masses. We may think, ‘what can one person do? What can I do?’ We can flavor, we can change and save the world. Taste the Flavor of Authentic Christian Salt.

Living by the Great Lakes, I sometimes take for granted them. The first time I was in the ocean the salt surprised me, any cut you have the salt finds it and stings it. Salt makes its presence known and does it quickly. Salt stings, so should Christians, but not in a fire and brimstone manner, or in a hypocritical way. Many Christians act like honey though, they soothe the sin-sick world of ours instead of waking it up to realize the disease. There is a perfect midpoint between the pulpit banging style and easy honey – salt to awaken people, to sting into action. Is there other Christians that you need to ‘sting’ to help them to wake up from their lukewarm lives?

When the bag of chips is almost gone and there are just those little crushed up chip pieces and salt left, you want more of the real chips. We are like the salt left at the bottom to inspire the desire for more of the real thing. Christians are just tidbits of Jesus – nowhere near even coming close to reflecting a shard of Him. We are to make people want Him, thirst for Him. That’s another property of salt – creates a thirst. Through your actions have people thirst for the Living Water – thirst for Jesus- so that they never have to go thirsty again.

We can learn from what Lot’s wife left behind – a pillar of salt

P.S. Gotta love that Bible humor 🙂


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