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If My Life Was a Novelization

If my life was a novelization

You would be a main character

You would be a perfect example of foreshadowing

The way the author describes you, just wouldn’t get it right

Just a little off, skewed, not quite there

Your smile alone would take up a chapter

You would be a main character but seen not as much as others

But you affect greatly on the life being told

New emotions and pushing boundaries

will be because of you

The impact of you

and when the last chapter rolls around

When the author writes about

the changes and new beginnings

and old endings

You will be there

Either in soul, mind or body

You will be there

With the reader on  the last page

Absorbing every moment

Every measured sentence

Every carefully picked word

Each comma and beautiful placed semi-colon

With the character expressing the outcome

Which will be because of you

It will come full circle

The foreshadowed will become shadowed

If my life was a novelization

You would be a main character.

This is my last post I can tag as NaPoWriMo!

Light Green: A Color Poem

Light Green

The color I would like my walls to be

My nice warm fuzzy – Dog drooled on – blanket

The perfect shade of a pear

Waking up to the sound of waves crashing

The silence when reading a good book

Birds chirping

Dark chocolate mint M&M

The taste of banana bread with chocolate chips

Firm green grapes

Leaning up against a wall crying

Begin happy with what you see in the mirror

Laying in the prickly grass watching the sunset

Bring rage to calm

Dreams of Me

Dreams of me

Is to be understood but not to understand

For them to intake why but not be able to comprehend

The Magnitude, The Magnitude, The Magnitude

Totally, completely and utterly

Be absorbed

Into me

Promise upon promise

That can never be filled

Don’t promise me because the only thing you’re promising is


There is no Vulcans, Professor X’s, Martian Manhunter’s

In this reality

My false reality

No words can or may tell

No tears or shaking voices

Can recount

They do not know the first response I am left with

My first thought

To my last fear

My memories cannot be




Dreams of me

Is to be understood but not to understand

Dreams Upon Disney

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep

But what if I dream only in nightmares?

What is my wish?

My subconscious wishes to face my fears so that my conscience will be free

To make a wish


When you wish upon a star

You make a dream

A dreamy wish is not reality

But sometimes we just want to wish

but don’t wish to dream


To wish upon a star

To come true

You need the fiery passion of the core of the star

to accomplish the task from dream

to reality

Once upon a dream

I made a wish

Now I don’t want it


Someday my prince will come

He came

Look above

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Comes Out On May 1! A Title Poem

Marvel is my universe, Earth – 616 to be exact

Avenger’s ever changing roster keeps characters fresh

Age of this period is superheroes

Of this I’m so Marveled by

Ultron will change everything

Come and explore my extraordinary world of comics

Out from reality and

Onto the pages, then

May more screens light up to see the

#1 super movie ever!


I Stand Amazed

The most powerful song I ever heard is ‘I Stand Amazed’ by Dennis Jerigan, (not to be confused with the hymn). I found a video, but not as good as my church’s worship service. Our worship leader has the perfect voice for the song, and on his face he shows how in awe he is of God. The worship leader at Tri-County Christian Church, always plays the song last during morning worship and the congregation is all sitting down. The thing I love about the song is chorus. Look at the lyrics below:

Verse 1:
I see the stars that You have made
I know You call them each by name

To think Father God who heaven displays
Is thinking of me in intimate ways

I stand amazed in all of your glory
That you would die for me I stand amazed

I stand amazed in all of Your glory
True love’s sweetest story I stand amazed

Verse 2:
I see the nails piercing Your skin
My wicked heart driving them in

I see the spear piercing Your side
And I see the lamb for me crucified

(Chorus x2)

I stand amazed in all of your glory
That you would die for me I stand amazed

I stand amazed in all of your glory
That you would die for me I stand amazed

I stand amazed in all of Your glory
True love’s sweetest story (you are love) I stand amazed

So, in the middle of the song, random people of the congregation start to stand up. It’s like they’re standing up for Jesus. It’s just wave after wave of people are showing their love and passion for Christ. Tears start rolling down my cheeks because I in vision MY  wicked heart driving in the nails. I see MYSELF piercing the spear to his side. I stand amazed.

God’s love for me, IS true love’s sweetest story. It’s the ultimate Disney love story. Except this love is for everyone on earth. Everyone has the ability to have their true love. It’s not just in fairy tales between the handsome prince and the beautiful princess. It’s right here. Just a instant message away called Prayer.

I look around my church and almost everyone is in this moment of . . . standing amazed. There are tears, there are lips quivering, there are looks of repentance. God is causing all these different emotion, stirring inside my church family. All the voices mix together and create a sound of beauty. So full of passion and awe at Jesus Christ.

Then the song ends, and the worship leader say we may be seated. And some people don’t want to because they want to have that connection with God again. This utter need and want to have a powerful relationship with God.

If you want a awesome experience with God and a real community feel, please visit Tri-County Church. Comment below and I will get the information to you!

The Yearning

Surrounded by Everyone

but alone

To your own thoughts

To your own feelings

To your own mind

Everyone only sees this husk of your’s

Not the real person inside

You’re all put together

but still something is missing

It’s not an ache

It’s not like you’re forgetting something

but part of you is missing




Wanting to seek

but don’t know where to start

or even to end

The Yearning

Falling Upwards

F                                     S

A                                D

L                           R

L                     A

I                W

N           P

G     U


I am falling to ascend


Gravity doesn’t work in my world of imagination


Birds creep along the ground

And humans float in sky


Thoughts, memories, moments, nightmares, imagination


The deeper I go the higher my limit


Into the dark so that I can discover the light


In a world of my own making I descend


My thoughts go to such a height

Will I ever find my way back again?


Not to this place, but to a reality of other’s creation?


7 doors replaying over and over again






Replaying what I never lived through


Falling upwards