Sun: A Sonnet

Oh, take a moment to feel the sunshine

Warmth on my skin crackles from rays

Dearest lovely sun after you I pine

So cold, winter here, show your face you may

Why does Jack Frost and Sunflower care not to meet?

How I wish to feel the welcoming glow

Sitting outside, grass soft, sun on my feet

The ball of fire, too early, begins to fall low

But, alas, I’m dreaming of a season past

Snowflake fairies deserve a chance to fly

Hot chocolate after sledding are blast

Memories of winter through mind, oh my

Snow-forts, snowman, snow days, all so fun play

Cold isn’t so bad, but I wish Sun would stay




*In case if you are checking their is no iambic in my pentameter!*

Click here to check out my other Sonnet poem I have written earlier this year.


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