Daily Archives: December 26, 2015


I have been told that I am too word-y.

My writing is not simplistic enough.

That I should not have to use so many words to describe something.

I have been accused of C. S. Lewis’ term ‘Verbicide’ (the murder of words).

I should practice the skill of brevity in writing something short and succinct.

That wordiness kills

Getting a B- on an essay for no other reason than ‘too many words’

Try my hand at micro-poetry or limited short stories.

So I use my words to explain my side of the argument,

I am a Unhippopotomonstrosesquipedaliphobia

Meaning that I am a person who is unafraid of big words and how to use them.

I strongly believe that one has not truly lived until they have had an emotion that one cannot completely describe in one word.

That is why I must use many words to describe, in detail, my emotions and views on the world surrounding me

There is always more to be added,

somewhere to dive deeper into,

a new angle to perceive upon.

I love words

They are my passion

They are pieces of my beautiful creations

They are tools to explain anything and everything

They are my art form

So why should I not use them to their full capacity?

A person can have too many cats

A person can have too many ugly Christmas sweaters

A person can wear too much make-up

A person can have too much lawn to mow

A person can have too many children

A person can have too many clothes

But can a person have too much chocolate?

I feel the same way about words that most people feel about chocolate

I can never have enough words

So I say,

No, wordiness does not kill

Limitations on words do

It kills off exploration of the world

It kills off questions and answers

It kills off stories and legends

I agree there are times for words and times not

I value silence

I value conversations that have no need of formal communication

I value simplicity

But I would much rather use more words than not enough

and have something needed be left out

So to all the people who have had limitations on their creativity,

I give a battle cry to break your bondage

and write to your heart’s desire.