Daily Archives: December 4, 2015

Unfelt: An Oulipo Poem


the snow

fall on me.

The flakes caress my

skin. A soothing emotion envelopes

my soul. A feeling unfelt before.

Peace. Peace falls on me. Peace caresses

me. Peace envelopes me. I become peace. But

only for a moment’s rest. Life drills in, jack

hammer. Injecting havoc. Instilling chaos. Withdrawing my peace. My wake

isn’t sweet. A piece of my peace is broken now, life

just a little off. Dark clouds cover my picturesque blue blue sky.

Oh if life and my life wouldn’t collide what a merry time would

be had for all. But sadly, they do. So I continually lay here, watching

the snow fall on me. Chaos and peace drifting equally fast yet slow, of life.