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Beloved, ~ A Petrarchan Sonnet

A poem from the perspective of a character in my novel Varietal

Beloved, inquired for my lust to live

If he comprehend not, have he desire?

I fancy morning dew, du jour attire

Freshly brewed tea, memories to relive

I love these, but theirs is quite allusive

Beloved, same? Love life since it expire

He is overdo to see the hell fire


In my brief time, let me teach him to love

Start with simplicity, then live wholly

For love is in the chase, not the binding

Love of life due to celebration of

Dance. Dance with me, Beloved, joyfully

Be unlike morning dew. No love should sting




Sun: A Sonnet

Oh, take a moment to feel the sunshine

Warmth on my skin crackles from rays

Dearest lovely sun after you I pine

So cold, winter here, show your face you may

Why does Jack Frost and Sunflower care not to meet?

How I wish to feel the welcoming glow

Sitting outside, grass soft, sun on my feet

The ball of fire, too early, begins to fall low

But, alas, I’m dreaming of a season past

Snowflake fairies deserve a chance to fly

Hot chocolate after sledding are blast

Memories of winter through mind, oh my

Snow-forts, snowman, snow days, all so fun play

Cold isn’t so bad, but I wish Sun would stay




*In case if you are checking their is no iambic in my pentameter!*

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Unfulfilled Daydreams?: A Sonnet – (no iambic in my pentameter)

Ordinary day, scrubbing the dishes

Vacuum the carpet, the house I clean

Typical day fine, but there are wishes

Still want extraordinary, I mean

Vacations I dream to see the Moors

Or go somewhere tropical, a place warm

But I’m content to still sweep the floors

I’m happy to do the day to day norm

I find joy in the standard, but still dream

To do important things, everyday

But that is not the life I wish to deem

I like to be able to stay in PJ

These silly wishes I daydream, I smile

I decide I will do this for a while