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On Writing

I started this blog back in February of 2015 in my freshman year with a transformative Creative Writing class. The class itself wasn’t all that transformative, yeah I learned good writing techniques and words for things I was already experimenting with. But I was transformed. I learned that my words were important. That people wanted to understand my perspective on life whether that was my Grandma or people from the 122 countries who have visited my words.

When I first started I was writing literally every day with multiple pieces per day. I joined the NaPoWriMo movement in April where you are, supposed to, a write a poem per day for the whole month. I ended up posting 50 pieces on my blog that month. I was always scribbling in one of several notebooks or typing a free verse up. I loved how I felt having finished a poem, the satisfaction that occured.

I continued on at this level for a couple years. In the process my poems and creative essays were published nine times and I had my play produced by a major university. I posted at least 3 times a week. Sure it was difficult to keep to the schedule sometimes, but it was worth it.

I made some great connects with fellow bloggers, some by their words and others talking personally. I follow so many other people’s lives no matter whether it is told through poems, pictures, or write ups about their day. I have found a great community here on WordPress.

But last year my Junior year of testing, huge academic stress, and personal issues hit and my urge for writing slipped. This wasn’t a writer’s block, I’ve dealt with that many times. This was different. To be honest, for the past year almost all of my posts have been saved from years ago that I dug up to have something to show. Sure, writing still gave me pleasure and release, but it wasn’t as much needed as before. I yearned for it’s satisfaction, and yet somehow I didn’t feel like something was missing.

A spark of inspiration would hit that a year ago would have taken a good 250 words to explain, but it would pass before I could get my fingertips to keys. No matter how hard I tried no logical form of letters would escape my keyboard. (You can read a poem about this here)

It’s been over a year since I’ve written my novel. In a year’s time I’ve written only ten poems. I’ve written two short stories in a year. That’s it.

It’s sad.

But I’m accepting it.

However during this time, I have also written a play that received high praise and discussed options for touring. I also written another play to try to see if a third piece can be performed at the major university to break the record there for amount one person’s work has been performed. But my motivations were different for these. I wrote for others, not for myself.

I’ve been writing all my life (read a piece about it here) and have continued to keep a journal for five years. I still have been doing this and have no intention of stopping. It’s fitting though that the journal I’m writing in its cover says, “My Journal: The Original Blog”. Sometimes I just record what I did that day, a funny story, a perceptive. Other days I write lengthy opinions, prayers, parallelism to my life, poems, frantic thoughts.

I don’t want to say good-bye to this place made up of ones and zero and yet which is so so so much more. This has been my life for four years. I’ve written so much. Honestly, sometimes I stumble upons a piece that I completely have forgotten I wrote. Like the words are new to me and they came from my brain only a year ago.

I miss writing poetry the most, a form of expression that I thought was silly years ago. It is true thought captured on a page. (I explain what poetry is to me here)

I will continue to be here. And my blog will continue to be here. But my blog and I will not continue to be here together.

This send off is hard. It’s heavy. It’s thick. But it’s not messy. I knew it was coming for a time.

Writing is still and always will be a major part of my life, but it will depend which part. Writing for everyone and anyone, for a small group of readers, or simply for me.

So I’ll still be around, writing and wandering. But this blog is going to be static for a while. I don’t know how long a while is, but there are 432 other pieces of mine to read.

See me later,


So Close

The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.

Melody Beattie

Probably just like every other blog on WordPress today, I am going to be writing about New Year’s Resolutions! 🙂


My dog is what you would call lazy. I got him a new ball for Christmas and just like every other time he loves the toy for weeks afterwards because it is new and exciting. He carries it with him wherever he goes and brings it to everyone to play with it again. He will not eat his dog food, unless the ball is in the dish.

Our New Year Resolutions are new and exciting and we are determined to achieve them. We go around and tell everyone what we are going to do and how we are going to do it because we are so sure that this will be the time that you do not give up in February like all the other times you made this goal.

So one day my dog is laying on his mat playing with his new ball and it rolls away from him. Maybe not even a foot. But it seems like miles to the dog who weights more than me.


My lazy dog

It is like cold winters when the blanket is at the foot of your bed and you are so cold, but it seems impossible to reach the corner of it and pull it up. So you lay there suffering knowing that your reward is so close.

It is pathetic. I know that if the ball rolled maybe five feet away my dog would get up and go get it, but when it is so close he doesn’t.

Why is it when we can see our goals, just an arms-length, another week, ten more pounds, away that it seems the hardest to fulfill. We can look back at how far we have come, but that little bit more to go is the hardest.

The closer you get to the mountain top, the harder the wind blows.

Your goal is so close that you are just stare at it and not make any progress. Or in my dog’s case staring at it so that you might magically have telekinesis.

You can see the reward, fitting into that beautiful dress for your sister’s wedding, tweeting on Twitter that you have been sober for 100 days, seeing your blood pressure go down showing that your meditation is working, chewing on your new favorite ball. But you soon begin to doubt, is it worth it?

Is picking carrots instead of M&M’s for studying worth the compliments on your dress? Is not going to the bar with friends worth the pride you feel in your heart? Is the loss of 30 minutes of sleep worth the lower stress level? Is the ball really worth standing up for?

You made the goal in the first place and thought it was worth it, but did you know all the sacrifices you would have to put into it?

I am the type of person who needs specific just out of reach, but not quite impossible goals to succeeded. I make goals in my writing, grades, reading, and relationships. For me, it is not so much about the pride I feel when I make my goals, but about not failing.

Teachers have always told students, even as far as taking away the ‘F’ at my school, that failing is not an option. They are wrong. Failing is an option. Failing is a very real and scary option. Failing means that you are not good enough. Failing means that who or whatever your rival was, won.

Goals are not about achieving them, but about not failing.

Your goals will always be worth it, if the reward is more than the loss of failing.

So when you can see your reward right in front of you, but it seems so far away you can do three things.

  1. Rise up and make the goal and don’t let anything get in your way.
  2. Give up and fail.
  3. Stay stagnant and neither achieve nor fail which in a sense does truly mean failing.

So this post is about not staying stagnant in your New Year’s Resolutions. I think the worst thing we can do when creating our Resolutions is using the words ‘more’ or ‘less’. They are words that allow you to stop your goals as soon as you make some progress at all. Like the extremely popular Resolution, ‘Lose Weight.’ As soon as you lose five pounds, then you made your goal and you can continue on eating Twinkies everyday for lunch. (Yes, I actually have a friend who does this) 🙂

Make your goals specific and just out of reach, but not impossible because then we would need Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible. (I am actually making a pop culture reference!)

Do not say that you will do it tomorrow.

Always take joy in achieving your goals, you put in the time to celebrate! But once you made your goal, don’t go and slack off just because you can but try to continue with it. It may even become a lifestyle!

Achieve your goals and you will feel happier!


My dog did not actually get up and get his ball, I just gave it to him. 😉


So my New Year’s Resolution basically goes against everything I just said. Yeah, yeah, I know I am not putting into practice what I preach, but I make a lot of goals everyday that I do use the advice I just gave. My goal is more something to work at for a long period of time than the goals I normally make that have a fixed time amount. I want to have more courage. Not only courage but to be bold also. I want to act on the nice things I see I could do. Too many times I get all the materials and get all ready, but I never actually do the thing I think should be done. I see so many nice things that I could do, but I seem to always chicken out. So I want to have courage to make someone’s day just a little bit brighter and I want to be bold enough to let those acts change me.


Feel free to leave your New Year’s Resolutions in the comments below!