Daily Archives: April 24, 2015

Falling Upwards

F                                     S

A                                D

L                           R

L                     A

I                W

N           P

G     U


I am falling to ascend


Gravity doesn’t work in my world of imagination


Birds creep along the ground

And humans float in sky


Thoughts, memories, moments, nightmares, imagination


The deeper I go the higher my limit


Into the dark so that I can discover the light


In a world of my own making I descend


My thoughts go to such a height

Will I ever find my way back again?


Not to this place, but to a reality of other’s creation?


7 doors replaying over and over again






Replaying what I never lived through


Falling upwards

A Hunger to be Whole

An emptiness

A loneliness

Feeling unmade

A hunger to be whole

Being incomplete

halfway to broken

Unchanging, yet unsettling

Then, this push

A push to search

A push to find

A push to seek

A push to discover

A push to uncover

To be whole

To be not alone

To be made

To be complete


What is it that thou seekth?


Not a push, but a pull

A want for the hole to be whole


God is always there.