Daily Archives: April 22, 2015

We Are Like the Raindrops

The little bubbles of not air

Floating, yet clinging to air

Still able to be seen through

Every time it cries, they are seen

They blur and reflect

They’re essence is that of us, reflecting

Our lives are so much alike

Holding on to hope, all of us humans alike

Sometimes we wonder if our transparence

is as seen through as their transparence

The bubbles are so little and fragile

Our emotions are so fragile

Then comes the wind

Then comes the wind

They fly away

as we do too, go away

Become like star flying pass

We think we are in the present, but really we’re in the pass

Just clinging

Just clinging

Just cling to hope

Isn’t that all we have, hope?

Hope, faith, and love

Hope and faith in making the right decision, and if wrong – love

They make fractals

We see through fractals

Watching the raindrops

from my window and out into the air, they drop

We are like the raindrops

Hallways of Life Showing Life: A Cinquain

Out from the cold

Into the halls

Silent they are, laughter withhold

Just the same old, same old

But soon again they will be goofballs


Shoes squeaking on wet floors

Mumbled words pass from lips

They’re dressed all different, yet alike

From jeans to mini skirts to businesslike

All walking to go and enjoy other’s friendships


Hands grabbing doors

Push and shove

Why do we do this anymore?

Of this world of ours, can’t it be like love?

Look around, below and above

God’s Grace Follows Me

To the depths of the sea my hurt follows me

Further than the depths of the sea God’s healing power follows me


To the heights of the sky my guilt follows me

Further than the heights of the sky God’s forgiveness follows me


To the center of the earth my fears follows me

To the center of the earth and back God’s peace follows me


To the deep corners of my heart my painful muses follows me

To the deepest corners of my heart God’s blissful reality of love follows me


To a speck of my nitrogen bonds my sin follows me

To a speck of my atoms God’s grace follows me


To the pool of silent wailings my confusion follows me

To the depths of the pool of silent wailing God makes His comfort heard


To the black pits of mind my worthlessness follows me

To the blackest of pits of the hidden mind Jesus’ cross follows me


To the darkness of my heart of hearts my purposelessness follows me

To the center of my being the King of Kings’ guiding hand follows me


To the cracks of my mask my false strength follows me

To my mask God’s steady hand widens my cracks with His trust that follows me


To my nightmares my despair follows me

To my darkest memories turned nightmares God’s hope follows me