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If My Life Was a Novelization

If my life was a novelization

You would be a main character

You would be a perfect example of foreshadowing

The way the author describes you, just wouldn’t get it right

Just a little off, skewed, not quite there

Your smile alone would take up a chapter

You would be a main character but seen not as much as others

But you affect greatly on the life being told

New emotions and pushing boundaries

will be because of you

The impact of you

and when the last chapter rolls around

When the author writes about

the changes and new beginnings

and old endings

You will be there

Either in soul, mind or body

You will be there

With the reader on  the last page

Absorbing every moment

Every measured sentence

Every carefully picked word

Each comma and beautiful placed semi-colon

With the character expressing the outcome

Which will be because of you

It will come full circle

The foreshadowed will become shadowed

If my life was a novelization

You would be a main character.

This is my last post I can tag as NaPoWriMo!

Light Green: A Color Poem

Light Green

The color I would like my walls to be

My nice warm fuzzy – Dog drooled on – blanket

The perfect shade of a pear

Waking up to the sound of waves crashing

The silence when reading a good book

Birds chirping

Dark chocolate mint M&M

The taste of banana bread with chocolate chips

Firm green grapes

Leaning up against a wall crying

Begin happy with what you see in the mirror

Laying in the prickly grass watching the sunset

Bring rage to calm

Dreams of Me

Dreams of me

Is to be understood but not to understand

For them to intake why but not be able to comprehend

The Magnitude, The Magnitude, The Magnitude

Totally, completely and utterly

Be absorbed

Into me

Promise upon promise

That can never be filled

Don’t promise me because the only thing you’re promising is


There is no Vulcans, Professor X’s, Martian Manhunter’s

In this reality

My false reality

No words can or may tell

No tears or shaking voices

Can recount

They do not know the first response I am left with

My first thought

To my last fear

My memories cannot be




Dreams of me

Is to be understood but not to understand