Daily Archives: April 23, 2015

Time Machine

If you could turn back the clock,

If you could jump in a time machine,

If you could change your path

Your darker




Heavy path.


Would you?


Would you stop the pain, the memories, the weight?


Would I?



I would not ease and erase my pain of yesterday and the day before and before . . .


Would I change my course that the actions of others set me on

that had me ‘wake up one day’ and ask myself how can I ever _________?


Fill in the blank


The path where I look below the surface – my surface, below my heart, below my dreams, below my fears

and find a broken soul.


Actions, choices, fears, memories, weight, life

have chipped away at my soul

and have broken it.

And have lost it.


Do I want my naive-to-the-darkness-of-the-world self back?



Do I miss my innocence, my carefreeness, my lighter self?



With all the weight of memories and choices

I have become stronger

and to go back to weakness?



If you asked me a year ago, if I would turn back the clock and erase this path, would I?


In a heart beat.




I am stronger and I don’t and won’t let it go for an easier path.

My soul is broken and chipped

but now down to its truth, its strength

the real me.


My soul is broken because all that others have put on it is now no more.

It is broken down to just me.


My strength, my dreams, my fears, my choices, my darkness, and my light.


My soul is broken and lost.

Lost in Christ.

I can’t find that carefree girl anymore.

And don’t want her.


This is me

Broken and lost


For Christ

In Christ


Is your darker path your better path?

Is mine?


Mine: An Oxymoron

Ascending gravity


Dripping dust


Murky crystal


Anxious peace


Deafening silence


Dreaded exuberance


Dry water


Despairing hope


Circular cube


Freedom captured


Strong weakling


Tall lilliputian


Elderly youngster


Illiterate writer


Incomplete fullness


Proud humility


Still movement


Silent music