Falling Upwards

F                                     S

A                                D

L                           R

L                     A

I                W

N           P

G     U


I am falling to ascend


Gravity doesn’t work in my world of imagination


Birds creep along the ground

And humans float in sky


Thoughts, memories, moments, nightmares, imagination


The deeper I go the higher my limit


Into the dark so that I can discover the light


In a world of my own making I descend


My thoughts go to such a height

Will I ever find my way back again?


Not to this place, but to a reality of other’s creation?


7 doors replaying over and over again






Replaying what I never lived through


Falling upwards


2 responses »

  1. Very creative and interesting! As a fan of the abstract and surreal, I love how this poem pulls you one way but ends up going somewhere very different! I’m curious what your thoughts were when you were writing this


  2. I wrote this as a to organize my thoughts and I collected them in this. The piece was also a baby step to another piece – Time Machine. I wrote this one first but posted it after the other. This was a more personal piece and so that is why some of it may seem more abstract.

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