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I need to ask you an important question:

Traditional or boneless wings?

No, no, no

Not that question, but it does have to do with it.

Our mother’s teach us to have a spine

Our father’s teach us to act like men and not let people walk all over us

Our heroes show us to have courage and make the right choice not the easy one

So why then does our mouths tell us to eat what is the easiest to devour?

Why do our teeth want to chomp down on the exact opposite what we are told to be?

We don’t want bones, backbones we ought to have, to get in the way of our pleasure.

Why is that?

Because this time,

this time

we are the

bullies who beat up the nerds with no spine

this time

we are the

bosses who walk all over their employees

this time

we are the

ones who destroy and not rescue.

I am not saying traditional wings are better by any means,

but next time you go out to Buffalo Wild Wings

what does the sauce all over your face really mean?



Doubting Courage

Inspired by the two sentence story that my sister and I came up with:

Courage and Doubt capture my heart and taunt me. Stick me in a cage and poke and probe my inner thoughts.

Courage and doubt capture my heart and taunt me. Stick me in a cage and poke and probe my inner thoughts. Why must my captors mock me? Courage and Doubt each take a side and push me to and fro. They rattle me and call me names just to get a reaction. They bicker and snarl insults that makes me scream in my cage to drown out their hideous voices.

Courage brings to my attention kind actions or nice words to say. But Doubt climbs across my cage and starts a brawl against Courage. Courage punches Doubt in the stomach and I start walking towards my Random Act of Kindness person, while my consciousness is still trapped in that imaginary cage. Doubt knocks the wind out of Courage and I turn away from the person. Courage kicks Doubt in the shins and I turn back again, only a few feet from the person. But Doubt wins this round and I walk right past the person. Although Courage won the last and it made that person’s day, I listen to Doubt. Why do I have this battle? Most of the time I listen to both and devise a plan to remain anonymous, but it doesn’t have the same effect. I stay trapped in my cage and try, unsuccessful, to muffle their voices.

The battle inside me to have courage to do a random act of kindness.

I ask, ‘Why is there even a battle in the first place?’