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More History Than Future

The elderly should not be



set aside


called worthless

because they have more history than future

because they have more achievements than dreams

because they have more experience than boundless zeal

because they have more wisdom than recklessness

because they have seen things, “us younger folks” only wish to see

because they have lived a good life instead of only hoping to live a good one

In the end,

what they have

is what we want.


We could carelessly discard the elderly

because knowledge is always easier to destroy than gather.

If we degrade ourselves to only defining




by their physical production,

then we will be fighting,

fighting oh so hard

but fighting for nothing at all except our own destruction.

We must find recognize the innate value and worth

in each and every person

because otherwise we will have to redefine


because we will have lost the quality


Respect each other

because “head” knowledge

is different from “heart” knowledge

and is also different from “hand” knowledge.

The elderly may need a helping hand

and give them one

because you will then be paying back

what they already gave you

with the life they lived

so that you can live yours.