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When I Was Younger

The funny little things I thought when I was younger,

when I was four I thought dating was where every Thursday afternoon

a couple would go sail boating on a lake.

Oh how boring that would get,

my four year old self never wanted to date!

When I was five I thought the world only consisted

of this huge place called Michigan

and this tiny little island called France where 9/11 happened.

Oh how small my scope of the world was,

my five year old self was missing out on so much

and was so protected also!

When I was six I thought subtraction defied all logic,

what were people telling these teachers?!

They are teaching kids these wrong concepts!

Once something is there, it can never be taken away.

Oh how fragile my mind was,

my six year old self was so confident and stubborn!

Now that I am older I understand that I was naïve.

I wonder what I will think when I look back at myself now?




Six Word Story

Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset – start over.

Falling. Falling down, down, down. Snap!

Wanted: Scientist can create super powers.

Reflecting, Reflecting, Reflecting, Reflecting – no more.

Born, Grow, Save, Live, Help, Die.

Have it, Lost it, Found it?

I murder, she victim – I survive.

“It’s your friendly neighborhood Spider-man.” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”

Try this when I die, tomorrow.

Jesus died to save, then arose.

Wag, Run, Frolic, Catch – Happy Puppy.

“Holy best acting skills ever, Batman!”

Snow day = Fun = me really happy! 🙂

The young queen’s zipper is stuck.

Faster than a speeding bullet . . . . SUPERMAN!

Did you enjoy, Six Word Stories?