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Select Few

How is it that something so magnificently gorgeous

has become mundane?

How is it that beauty

no longer stops the world

just to stand in awe of it?

How is it that splendor

became normal?

How is it that a fly

is something you swat at

and not wonder at?

How is it that the letter  “T”

is in almost every sentence

and we do not hold it in reverence

whenever we cross those lines?

How is it that sharpening a pencil

does not astound us

in its incredible feat?

How is it that God created all the world

but we only revel in the glory of a select few?


Wikimedia/Jessie Eastland

Wonder at Beauty

Wonder confers a value on an object

it confers a sense of beauty

this beauty does not necessarily mean

bright colors

symmetric features

curved edges

it only prompts a second-look

something that captures our attention

and says, “There are magnitudes in and to me”

beauty compels wonder

wonder engenders beauty

thus the circle of beauty and wonder

cycles in appreciation

a worm is just a beautiful as a sunrise

or a woman

or a building

or an ocean

or a flower

or the moon

if they are all wondered at

And so, do not let others determine

what is beautiful

by controlling your wonder

because then they will control

your thinking

your individuality

and your world


Wikimedia/Jessie Eastland


My sister and I

were driving down the highway

and she pointed out the moon

and wow, what a moon

the rest of the way home

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it

(don’t worry, Dad, I wasn’t driving)

Something so simple as the moon

then suddenly it grasps my attention

and holds it tight

captures it

until I don’t even think of leaving

The moon follows us,

night and day

seen and unseen

Always observing

sneaking a peak

from the dawn of man

until the last star winks out of the sky

The silent watcher in the heavens

Something that I see everyday

a commonplace in the daily grind

then somehow

it becomes the center of my attention

and I wish is the gaze upon its glory

It is in these few and fleeting moments

when wonderment is alive

and the rest of the world fades

Let us never take for granted

how wonderful our world

how wonderful God’s creation

truly is.

Go, wonder at the world.


Supermoon, September 28, 2015 (UTC), Osaka, Japan.

Supermoon, September 28, 2015 (UTC), Osaka, Japan.