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Yet Never Enough

My bookshelves are overflowing,

spilling over and novels stacked up upon themselves.

I just tore through a lovely lovely masterpiece When We Collided

Yesterday, I bought another comicbook to add to my collection

There are so many many words

and yet never enough.

No matter how beautifully strung together they cannot describe a person

or a memory to the fullest.

I can describe how I feel just a little happier when

I see all the spines of my beloved books

and knowing that parts of my soul are tucked in between their pages

kept safe for when I need to return to what shaped me.

I can describe how I almost cried on the second to last page

of being a hidden observer of Vivi and Jonah’s lives.

I can describe how I feel when my eyes flicker across the detail drawn page

and emotion driven speech bubbles that reflect concepts of

heroism, passion, sacrifice, humanity, responsibility.

And yet it will never be enough.

It is one of God’s greatest gifts to communicate,

some of us are better than others;


there are so many many words,

but there will never be enough.