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An Ability

This crazy world of ours

People think they need to be strong and put on a tough face

when they are hurting and worn out

Yes! It shows determination and fighting

But we lose the ability to be vulnerable

To be vulnerable

is an ability

not a characteristic

It’s something you willing do

It’s a mindset

It’s actions

It’s asking for help

It’s admitting that you can’t do it on your own

It’s NOT giving up

It’s giving out

Pouring out your heart

and willing everything to be out there

Being vulnerable is not weak

It’s strong


But it’s so hard

you want to believe you are in control

Being vulnerable is acknowledging that you found out it is a lie

Maybe you are afraid

That someone will stick their finger

in your wound after you tell them everything

Maybe, but people see the trust you put in them and they reciprocate

Possibly, showing weakness is against your nature

Who ever said your nature was right in the first place?

And who ever said vulnerability is weak?

Just try it

Just be vulnerable

It’s an ability that is hard to start

and even harder to master

but the rewards are amazing

Just try it

Just be vulnerable

 symphony of love / Foter / CC BY-SA

symphony of love / Foter / CC BY-SA


Becoming Vulnerable ~ Part 2

Once upon a wish,

I wished to become vulnerable.

I am.


I got everything I asked for,

down to the little details.

And I can’t handle it.


My senses are overwhelmed,

I can feel everything.


I begged for this,

I said

No matter the cost,

this is the price I pay.


I can’t go backwards,

into unfeeling again.

I’ve realized there is a whole world out there,

to go back?

I couldn’t handle it, just as I can’t handle Feeling Everything right now.


I need to get use to Feeling Everything.

What if I can’t?


I am torn between

love and worthless survival.

I would love to be able to feel,

to be vulnerable.

Yet my invulnerability would allow me

not to feel all the pain I’m experiencing right now.

But that survival would mean nothing,

because I wouldn’t be living.


I learned my invulnerability wasn’t skin deep,

it went to my heart.

I have so many emotions,

I can’t handle it.

All the suffering

and I can’t do enough to make a difference.

And I’m one of the Supers.


I wanted pain,

when others have so much,

I am such a hypocrite.


Current pain seems to be greater than future pain,

I’ve learned.


I choose to become invulnerable,


I choose knowing that my heart

will become stone,

when I’ve felt it be flesh.


I choose unfeeling.

I will become invulnerable,


Becoming Vulnerable ~ Part 1

I long for touch

No, I long for the ability to touch


To feel the difference in



air versus water

taste my food


But to my hopeless misery

I cannot

because I am



I am

impossible to harm or damage

But that also means

that I can’t tell oatmeal from steak

The North Pole from the Tropics

Swimming or walking

Rock or soft fluffy grass


My invulnerability allows me to survive in battle

I wish to become vulnerable to live


Please, I beg you

have mercy on me.

Allow me to become vulnerable,

no matter the cost.

I want to feel pain,

something that hurts so many people,

I want.


Invulnerability to survive,

vulnerability to live.