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Satisfying Tears

Sometimes it is easier

to pretend that the world is

sunshine and smiles

than to exist in one that is

storm clouds and tears.

So I decided to take a tough way

and live in a world that has

rainbows and satisfying tears


From a recent vacation

Does No Justice

There is no way to describe

the lapping, crashing stormy waves

The height of the waves

do no justice

Pictures and videos and all that “technological advancement”

do no justice

The touch of another’s skin after being in the waves

do no justice

There is no way to describe

the lapping, crashing stormy waves

To describe the waves as a rolling pin over my back as dough

does no justice

To describe the waves as a chest bump from a quarterback

does no justice

To describe the waves as powerful as the lost of gravity


and turning,

and pulling,

does no justice

To describe the waves as walking through waist deep snow

does no justice

To describe the waves as a million chiropractors all working their magic

does no justice

To describe the waves as a sand storm because of all the debris it contains

does no justice

To describe the waves as shouts from a mass of teenage girls at a Taylor Swift concert

does no justice

To describe the waves as a drink of water after a long, hot, hard day’s work

does no justice

To describe the waves as a roller coaster after the long wait in line

does no justice


the best things in life

can’t be explained

they can only be experienced.

You can tell me all you want about

rolling pins

and quarterbacks

and chiropractors

but I still wouldn’t know a darn thing about the waves.

Maybe it’s better that way

for words not being able to


and classify

and categorize

and generalize

these special things such as

the lapping, crashing stormy waves.

One thing that I can tell you about the waves

is that I had a lovely time playing in them.




Hi, if you’ve been wondering why I didn’t post all week – 2 weeks ago, it is because I went on a cruise! This wasn’t my first cruise (nor do I wish it to be my last!) and I had a wonderful time! I’m mainly going to talk about seeing Mayan ruins in Belize, because that’s the only excursion I went on. This is my second time going to Belize, I first went back in 2012. Belize is south of the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico and east of Guatemala. My tour was a mile and a half from Guatemala, which is where the read dot is on the map below. belize ruin pic map These ruins is the best Mayan ruins I’ve been to, but Coba in Mexico had more of a cultural tour. The place is called Xunantunich, which was a Mayan city in the late classical period of the civilization. The city is about 800 feet above sea level, and the tallest ruin I climbed is about 130 feet above that. On this tour I didn’t learn as much about their culture as I said before, but the ruins are breathtaking! Below are some pictures that I took and some information about them.

This is the ruin I climbed and it’s 130 feet tall, my ears popped slightly nearing the top. The first few steps are quite tall, especially since the Mayan are small people, think about them building this! Cruise 2015 36 After some twists and turns, I climbed up to this platform (from where this picture is taken) and the sun was just bearing down on me, it was hot! Then, I looked up and saw this and . . . wow! Of course this is refurbished by the excavators, but it’s still amazing. The picture is a carving of the Mayan gods.

Cruise 2015 44

Here’s another picture to see how steep it is. I don’t have a picture of what comes next, but I felt like I was in a Scooby-Doo temple Cartoon or in an Indiana Jones movie. The space I had to walk on was just under 2 feet wide, which may seem like  a lot, but when you’re at this height with no guard rail it isn’t. The stones are slippery and smoothed over, but still easy to trip on, and it’s twisty turny. Once I get half way to the top, the ruin becomes enclosed, which means lots and lots of bugs!

cruise 2015 95

I get to the top and look out and see . . .  just beautiful green everywhere. cruise 2015 108

Here’s the view of other ruins from the top.

Cruise 2015 48

Here’s a video that puts it all into view. You don’t need sound because no one is talking, just breathtaking landscape.

Leaving you with a nice sunset picture from the boat!

Cruise 2015 55