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How do you see the world?

How do you see others?

How do you see me?

Somedays you must feel like you are at the Mad Hatter’s tea party

Me saying the strangest things, telling you up is red and the number 5 is west

When I ask you to sew


Somedays you must feel like you are on Jupiter

The gravity so massive and safety is across the galaxy

When I ask you how your weekend was


Somedays you must feel like a helium filled birthday balloon

If you let go you might never come back down to earth

When you finish your project


Somedays you must feel like you are in calculus III knowing only addition

Nothing makes sense, the words too complex and crying should be the solution

When I say we should compromise


Somedays you must feel like me, just normal

but I might

maybe never

ever be able to understand how you feel and see the world

But I know that I will always try

After Now

Why is it that I find your beauty

now, so enticing?

Why now, and not before?

Why is it that you were a mere commonality before,

but now, you are gloriously enrapturing,

heart-breaking and heart-warming

Have my eyes changed?

Have you changed?

Have you transformed from a single glance

to a forever – yet ever to short -of a gaze?

Or is it me?


There is a painting of a ship at sea

on my office wall

I have seen it everyday for as long as I can remember

but now, after all these years

do I finally realized how beautiful it is.

I finally appreciate it.

Why now, and not before?

I have read countless books about



the sea

explorers and whalers

I have learned countless history lessons about events with sailors and boats

I have seen countless movies about the sea

I have read personal accounts concerning explorers and whalers

I have ridden the open waves with no land in sight

I have stared into that sinister, powerful, murky depth

and I have stared into those mystical, lapping, crashing ocean waves

In every sense I’ve been in that painting

but until now, it was just a painting,

but after now, it has its own life

own story

own tears to cry

own cheers to shout

own dead to bury

own lips to smile

own love to find

After now, it is not just something to look at

but something to be a part of

Why now, and not before

do I love you?

Because I finally understand you

and I know that I never truly can either


A Curious Conundrum

I have come across

a curious conundrum

and I don’t know what it means


spelled backwards

is evil.


spelled backwards

is devil.

I don’t know what it means

but I know that it is there

Just like so many things in life

I don’t know what it means

but I know that it is there

Maybe I don’t know

because I haven’t tried to understand

Live Evil