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Saved For a Purpose

I had the pleasure of listening to Nicole F. Nelson at my church today. It was an excellent message about us being saved for a purpose and that purpose is to use our talents to help others as well as share the Good News, especially when there are so many challenges in this world. Her words speak from God’s heart and they blessed me and I hope that they bless you as well. Below is the video of her sermon.

Know. Act. Live.

It was an absolute joy to hear Nicole Nelson preach again. Proclaiming Christ’s Word certainly is her future. I’m glad to know that Good News is still being told. Her sermon is called Know. Act. Live. She talks about growing in our relationship with Christ and following His Word in our daily lives. I think she has a really good message about hypocrisy and evangelism. Enjoy! 🙂

Click here to see her sermon on Know. Act. Live.

I Stand Amazed

The most powerful song I ever heard is ‘I Stand Amazed’ by Dennis Jerigan, (not to be confused with the hymn). I found a video, but not as good as my church’s worship service. Our worship leader has the perfect voice for the song, and on his face he shows how in awe he is of God. The worship leader at Tri-County Christian Church, always plays the song last during morning worship and the congregation is all sitting down. The thing I love about the song is chorus. Look at the lyrics below:

Verse 1:
I see the stars that You have made
I know You call them each by name

To think Father God who heaven displays
Is thinking of me in intimate ways

I stand amazed in all of your glory
That you would die for me I stand amazed

I stand amazed in all of Your glory
True love’s sweetest story I stand amazed

Verse 2:
I see the nails piercing Your skin
My wicked heart driving them in

I see the spear piercing Your side
And I see the lamb for me crucified

(Chorus x2)

I stand amazed in all of your glory
That you would die for me I stand amazed

I stand amazed in all of your glory
That you would die for me I stand amazed

I stand amazed in all of Your glory
True love’s sweetest story (you are love) I stand amazed

So, in the middle of the song, random people of the congregation start to stand up. It’s like they’re standing up for Jesus. It’s just wave after wave of people are showing their love and passion for Christ. Tears start rolling down my cheeks because I in vision MY  wicked heart driving in the nails. I see MYSELF piercing the spear to his side. I stand amazed.

God’s love for me, IS true love’s sweetest story. It’s the ultimate Disney love story. Except this love is for everyone on earth. Everyone has the ability to have their true love. It’s not just in fairy tales between the handsome prince and the beautiful princess. It’s right here. Just a instant message away called Prayer.

I look around my church and almost everyone is in this moment of . . . standing amazed. There are tears, there are lips quivering, there are looks of repentance. God is causing all these different emotion, stirring inside my church family. All the voices mix together and create a sound of beauty. So full of passion and awe at Jesus Christ.

Then the song ends, and the worship leader say we may be seated. And some people don’t want to because they want to have that connection with God again. This utter need and want to have a powerful relationship with God.

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