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The Wind Blows

Image and Idea from keskescreativewriting.wordpress.com

Image and Idea from keskescreativewriting.wordpress.com

We climb

Taking the hard way

Struggling to survive

It’s an effort to even breathe because of the cold

The cold of

experiences, bills, heartache cling to us

holding us back

Making it even trickery to take the next step

There are no hand holds or good footing

Nothing to help us continue

Only things to hold us back

The problems just keep piling on

weighing us down

Making us silently consider

“Is it worth it?”

To struggle through all the pain

All the inside and outside voices yelling to give up

Our muscles ache

We’re tired

It’s always





We make it to the top

It was so worth it

The fruits of our labor are laid out in front of us

It’s all there

We can see how it all played together to get us to this point

All the hurdlers made this jump even better

Pain makes the joy even better

It makes the pain worth it

But it may seem

the closer we get to the summit the harder the wind blows.

Sometimes I wonder,

if everyone could climb mountains

then the summit would not have accomplishment in it

Mountains are just like breathing

everyone does it

but as soon as you can’t

then it becomes precious

That is why climbing a mountain is precious

It’s limits makes it legendary.