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The USS Enterprise: A Trio of Cinquains

Oh Captain, oh captain, where do you drive this ship?

The USS Enterprise goes to the stars,

We explore new life forms and travel to the very edge of the universe’s lip,

On my ship the girls dresses are short to the hip

We have green blooded Vulcans, but but first we must get past mars.


For the most risky planet throughout the computer databases, they search far and wide

The most important and needed personal are down transported

Native aliens take up arms and a beautiful lady falls for Kirk’s charm is verified,

Bones, Spock and Scotty all know the girl has lied,

But convincing the Captain is the hardest, until the plan is thwarted.


James T. Kirk star-ship’s engines are always about to explode

Scotty is running around with too little time

Red Shirt’s lives are not well to bode

Bones is always in an accusatory mode

But the ship is so good, it could turn on a dime!



star trek

x-ray delta one via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA