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Limited Word Stories . . . Again

To see some of my responses to Two Sentence Stories: Doubting Courage and Am I the Only One?

See my original: Six Word Story.

The best of me is you.

Forest: I can see for miles.

I’ll live my own legend, tomorrow.

Forget me not.

What was that?

My world is having an earthquake.

Walking halls: the clock stuck thirteen.

I bleed tears and cry blood.

Hulk smashed. Banner cried. I enjoyed.

Blue bruises, red blood => I royal.

Why would I tell the truth?

For God so loved the world  . . .

The president died; the people mourned.

You just hit the jackpot, Tiger.

Know enough to know, I’m broken.

Therefore do not lose heart, eternal-life.

Day without you, not good day.

Don’t worry about tomorrow, God provides.

Now onto two sentence short stories. And let it begin.

Courage and Doubt capture my heart and taunt me. Stick me in a cage and poke and probe my inner thoughts.

Don’t just move with the crowd. Move the crowd.

I control the world . . . without using mind control. Now that’s an accomplishment.

Today was the last day to see the sunrise. And I missed it.

The glass fell off the table across the room. He caught it.

I couldn’t see her; it was like she was invisible. Then I realized I was right.

Is there a rock wall in New York city? No, you silly that’s Thing!

Reversal of times: Nero lite Christians to make human torches. Now, Human Torch is a superhero.

I’m Thor of Asgard, Son of Odin, Prince of Thunder . . . and your weatherman today. If no villains appear today, it will be shiny.

50 word stories:

The last thing I want to do is hurt you, but it’s still on the list. You don’t know the meaning of sorrow and pain. I want to be the one who gives you that knowledge, but it’ll break you. But maybe you’ll be better broken? Should I try?


~ This was from the perceptive of a character in my novel Varietal.

Watching the World Go By

I’m watching the world go by.

The dew drops on early morning grass

How the leaves move to the wind making silent music

The cool water seeping through to my soul as I float

Rough rocks and bits of sand and how they are forgotten

A worm wiggle out of the soggy ground from the rain, only to die

Twigs that fall from trees, are stepped on and broken in half

Sunlight that almost crackles when it hits your skin

The soft temperature that is not baking or sticky nor cool

The buzzing of bugs and the chirping of birds

I’m watching the world go by.

And maybe that is all

No more or less

Not thinking ‘Am I a part of the world that is going by?’


Just watching

Just watching the world go by

sunlight 2

The One Hundred Word Tear

The tear went unnoticed.

Correction: almost

The tear went almost unnoticed.

The silent


tiny tear

glided down

the cheek.

The tear wasn’t caused by anything

it was not a reaction from




words said


It was not caused by anyone of these things.

The tear came out from the eye

and drifted across and down the cheek.

Until it curved around to the mouth.

There was no streak left behind

No blotches visible

Just a silent



that glided down.

An un-profound tear that went almost unnoticed.

Something with no deeper meaning.

That went unnoticed.

The Great Had A Name

“I had a name.” Tears fall. “I had everything, yet nothing at all. I had breathe.  I had blood pumping through me. I had warmth to my skin. I had hair that would grow. I had . . . life. I had acids in my stomach to digest what I had for breakfast. I had finger and toe nails to be cut. I had a pulse. But now . . . I don’t.”

“Did someone take these . . . qualities from you?”

“No, I took them from myself.”

Tears fall.

“But I’m still able to cry. I wasn’t suppose to be able to cry.”

Stares off in the distance, then comes back to whatever reality this is.

“I was suppose to lose everything, but my name, and I was okay with that. Truly I was. But I lost my name. I was suppose to lose all the bad. But I lost . . . everything,” said shaking.

“What were you to gain?”

“Everything. I had to lose everything to gain even more. I was to gain greatness. I ask you, what is the difference between good and great? The notoriety of it. I want to be notorious.”

Tears fall.

“But can I? Am I able to anymore?”

For a lack of better words, breathes deeply, even though there is no more breathing.

“If I have no name, what will they call me when I am great? The Great one? But I am not he. The Great? Of what I ask? Who am I?” Stretching out the words.

“They will call you by your name.”

“What name is that? A name makes a person. I am no one, nothing, unless I have a name.”

“Your new name is, ‘The Great Had A Name.’ For then they will have know what you have lost and will follow you because they have lost their’s as well.”

“But they lost their’s to others. I – somehow – took mine. Will they follow me then?”

“No one has to know.”

“But I will know. I will be lying. I wasn’t suppose to be able to.”

“Just be glad you can, The Great Had A Name.”

“It has a ring to it doesn’t?”

“Go be notorious.”