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Saved For a Purpose

I had the pleasure of listening to Nicole F. Nelson at my church today. It was an excellent message about us being saved for a purpose and that purpose is to use our talents to help others as well as share the Good News, especially when there are so many challenges in this world. Her words speak from God’s heart and they blessed me and I hope that they bless you as well. Below is the video of her sermon.

Three Words and a Question Mark

Three words

and a question mark

that can change a life

Are you happy?

Where the back of your mind

meets the edge of your heart

and the corner of your soul

Are you happy?

Thoughts turn into decisions

Decisions turn into actions

Actions turn into life changing events/moments

Are you happy?

Isn’t that what changes lives

Moments. The time after you say something

and want to take it back

Are you happy?

Humanity’s unsettled, not quite contentment

Moments that change your life

the lives of those around you, and slowly change the world.

Are you happy?

This urge, this push, this pull

That a little bit more is enough

The same question can also wake you up

Are you happy?

Wake you up to the injustice

Wake you up to the pain

Wake you up to the desensitization

Are you happy?

This question is so self centered

and based on a temporary, ever changing idea.

I prefer a whole different question, instead of:

Are you happy?

I prefer: Three words

and a question mark

that can change a life, eternally.

Ready to die?

Purpose = Extra?

The unexpected


the unknown



Just waiting for it to happen.

But what is IT?

The life changing moment.

Your purpose in life.

But what if it already happened?

What if it will never happen?

Will you ever know?

Does it even make a difference?

The unexpected


the unknown



The expected


the known

the clear


The certain point where ordinary

gets an extra put in front of it.

But does purpose = extra?

Do I have to wait for my moment?

Is it even a moment?

Out of the expected, predictable, known, clear,

I will make a purpose.

I have a purpose

because with God I make one.