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Made Clean

A long time ago there was a great flood

God saw the earth and it was horrid

The people were sinning and unclean

and also very mean

But there was one who was not

and his name was Noah and God told him what he ought

Build a big boat

one that can hold through huge amounts of water it would float

And have animals from each kind

but other than your family none from mankind

So from lion

to bison

and lizard

also don’t forget bird

arrived to the ark two by two

The people laughed at Noah because there had been no rain, not even a drop of dew

Noah’s ark took many years

But he works on even through all the jeers

The flood waters did come

and it was something we can’t even fathom

For forty days and forty nights

the rain came down to new heights

but Noah and his family had to stay

in the ark for there was no land to lay

Months passed

and they were the only ones to outlast

Finally, they arrived on mount Ararat

They sent out a bird, but nothing could be brought back that

showed signs of life and land

They waited a week later and

sent out a dove

hoping that it was bring back something from the land of which they love

The bird brought back an olive twig

most likely from a tree sprig

Since now the world was just Noah and his family

the world was sin free

But human nature is so controlling

and again the world is sinning

But God made a promise with Noah

God sent his Son, of which the people called out “Hosanna”

Jesus wiped our sins clean

just as the flood made the world pristine

But we don’t need to catch a ride on that boat

All we need to do is accept God and we will float

For some we will float for years and have God’s comfort

and others a last minute effort

But those who float with Jesus will not find earthly land

but Heaven, and it will be so grand!

I do now ask you

do you believe God is true?

Would you like to be made clean?

Accept God in your heart, for there is no inbetween!

 Paul Keller / Foter / CC BY

Paul Keller / Foter / CC BY