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In the Darkness

In the darkness

the guiding radiant light of the sun

fades from sight in a burst of glory

In the darkness

the fragrant, vibrant flowers close up their luxurious petals

In the darkness

pinpricks of light gleam through the sable cloth of the heavens at night

In the darkness

birds, mice, deer, life goes to sleep

and those that don’t, are prey for the predator

In the darkness

there is hunting to be done

In the darkness

the moon replaces the sun as our guiding beacon

except the moon is more a fickle creature

here one night

and changed the next

and gone the other

pock marks on its visage

and yet the moon only pretends to light our way

for its illumination is of false pretenses

In the darkness

everything seems a little more mysterious and dangerous and wondrous

In the darkness

However, on the other side of the world

there the sun’s luster waltzs amoung the milky white clouds

there the birds fly across the bright cerulean heavens

there their euphonious melodies can be heard on the earth below

there the mighty, verdant trees sway in the gentle breeze

there life lives

In the darkness life lives, but in only a different way



Reflections of the Night

The ball of fire submerges into the arms of the earth

The sun sets behind the trees

The essence of color yawn

The flowers close up

 Piercing of vision fractures the sogginess

The stars light up the night

The cocoon that envelops the world is ponderous

The air is high in humidity

The swirling of intangibility surge against out reached fingers

The wind blows against the grass

 The creatures relinquish their sound from their frames

The animals cry out

The feeble decorations emit aromas mixing with the very world

The flower blooms give off their smell

The everlasting luster scintillates the in-folds of day

The moon lights up the sky

Emotions and thoughts are reflected perfectly against the hue of the