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The Moment Backwards

Clothes soaked, hair flinging water droplets, they stomp up to the shore

With every passing second more and more goose bumps crowded onto her skin

Laughter and water fights burst in to the summer night air

Like the popping of bubble gum, loudly and messy she came up for air

Under there the world was murky, yet serene. Small, yet alive

Masking her rationality and embracing her foolish bravery, she plunged

She stood there contemplating when the other girls cheered her on or called her chicken

She watched as the girls ahead of her swam, only heads showing, with their clothes hugging their frames

One by one they dunked their smiles beneath and came up spurting for the others to do the same

Running awkwardly and giggling at their own spontaneity they charged into the mildly rough sea

The girls shared a common sneaky glance and the decision was made without a word

She dipped a toe, then up to her ankle and called back to the others that it was warm

Sun setting, towels and swimsuits too far up at the house. This was too perfect of a moment to not live in.

Inspired by NaPoWriMo’s 28 prompt of writing a story backwards in a poem. Last day of NaPoWriMo! This year with no challenge!


I Remember ~ In Two Hundred Words

I remember my silent overwhelming tear when she came home

I remember the frigid Lake Superior crashing waves when we swam in our clothes simply because we could

I remember how radiant the sun was

I remember the chipped paint on his old wagon riding down the green grassy hill

I remember the earthy enrapturing smell of his paws coming in from outside

I remember how even though my eye were staring ahead at the TV, my soul only focused on her voice

I remember the unique sound that only comes from my old flip-flops pounding the floor

I remember the fleece jacket wrapped around me

I remember how warm his smile was, it reflected his heart

I remember when I first heard his voice, I was instantly enthralled

I remember coarse dirt rubbed on my cheeks and dusting my untied tennis shoes

I remember the stench of sterile and rough hospital sheets

I remember messing hand writing and Crayola markers

I remember laughter and safety-pops

I remember the first time I explored the taste of thick, fluffy pink whipped cream

I remember the joy when they said “First Place”

I remember tropical homemade smoothie for summer breakfast

I remember . . .

Inspired by the NaPoWriMo daily prompt