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The Moon, My Friend

The moon, though, is a different matter entirely

Forever bolstering a light not his own

His limited and frugal glow

Barely enough to see by

Compared to his older sister

Who laughs unbashedly

And flings wide her embrace

At every chance meeting

Moon lits up not the sky

But just a path

Not enough to see the world by

And sometimes not even him

He promises to be by my side

Then leaves after a couple of days

He smiles wide

But it is pock marked and grey

No where near as joyous as his sister’s

He is always hiding something,

Never telling the full story

I would call moon a fickle friend

Not necessarily entertaining when he’s here

But at least he’s strong enough

To bare and show his scars

And maybe he shines just enough

To illuminate the important things

As for his inconsistent presence

Ever thought to wonder if

He wants to leave?

Supermoon, September 28, 2015 (UTC), Osaka, Japan.

Supermoon, September 28, 2015 (UTC), Osaka, Japan.


My sister and I

were driving down the highway

and she pointed out the moon

and wow, what a moon

the rest of the way home

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it

(don’t worry, Dad, I wasn’t driving)

Something so simple as the moon

then suddenly it grasps my attention

and holds it tight

captures it

until I don’t even think of leaving

The moon follows us,

night and day

seen and unseen

Always observing

sneaking a peak

from the dawn of man

until the last star winks out of the sky

The silent watcher in the heavens

Something that I see everyday

a commonplace in the daily grind

then somehow

it becomes the center of my attention

and I wish is the gaze upon its glory

It is in these few and fleeting moments

when wonderment is alive

and the rest of the world fades

Let us never take for granted

how wonderful our world

how wonderful God’s creation

truly is.

Go, wonder at the world.


Supermoon, September 28, 2015 (UTC), Osaka, Japan.

Supermoon, September 28, 2015 (UTC), Osaka, Japan.

In the Darkness

In the darkness

the guiding radiant light of the sun

fades from sight in a burst of glory

In the darkness

the fragrant, vibrant flowers close up their luxurious petals

In the darkness

pinpricks of light gleam through the sable cloth of the heavens at night

In the darkness

birds, mice, deer, life goes to sleep

and those that don’t, are prey for the predator

In the darkness

there is hunting to be done

In the darkness

the moon replaces the sun as our guiding beacon

except the moon is more a fickle creature

here one night

and changed the next

and gone the other

pock marks on its visage

and yet the moon only pretends to light our way

for its illumination is of false pretenses

In the darkness

everything seems a little more mysterious and dangerous and wondrous

In the darkness

However, on the other side of the world

there the sun’s luster waltzs amoung the milky white clouds

there the birds fly across the bright cerulean heavens

there their euphonious melodies can be heard on the earth below

there the mighty, verdant trees sway in the gentle breeze

there life lives

In the darkness life lives, but in only a different way



The Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon

half seen

half not

but still there is a hue

to the hidden part

The part shrouded in darkness




The moon kept to itself

Something to grieve relish about

Something to smile cry about

Something to forget remember

Something to never share

until the moon is ready

To become a full moon

 and the wolves howl

Have you ever felt sorry for the moon?

Always and only reflecting

Never creating a light of it’s own

illuminating from another’s light

What if the moon created it’s own light?

Would it show it’s part shrouded in darkness?

Or does it like the darkness?

Hamed Saber / Foter / CC BY

Hamed Saber / Foter / CC BY