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Memories’s Magic Act

When the world seems too much

When the weather in my mind is rainy

When that familiar ache in my heart whistles its melancholy tune

When I miss you

Then I will think of this moment

I will think of it briefly and sparingly

Just enough to see the sun and change the melody in my heart

Because the more I relive a moment

The less its potency

It fades until the smile it gives

Is only a marred reflection

Of smiles past

How sorrowful it is indeed

That our favorite memories


But that just means that we have to make new ones



In That Moment

It was one of those moments

where it seemed to stretch on forever

because it does.

I will carry

that peace

that excitement

that serenity

that safety

that bliss

that openness

that fun

that freedom

that love


because I have chosen

for that

for this


to never end.

Life may take me

hundreds of miles aways

and scores of years past

but that moment

this moment

will live on

as long as I do.

In that moment,

I felt an overwhelming

gratefulness for my life

and for the people who

make it worthwhile,

oh so much more than worthwhile

It is truly a blessing

to feel the love of life,

and I did

and I still do



Purpose = Extra?

The unexpected


the unknown



Just waiting for it to happen.

But what is IT?

The life changing moment.

Your purpose in life.

But what if it already happened?

What if it will never happen?

Will you ever know?

Does it even make a difference?

The unexpected


the unknown



The expected


the known

the clear


The certain point where ordinary

gets an extra put in front of it.

But does purpose = extra?

Do I have to wait for my moment?

Is it even a moment?

Out of the expected, predictable, known, clear,

I will make a purpose.

I have a purpose

because with God I make one.