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Looks Like Rain is a Comin’

Looks like rain is a comin’

The sky is blackin’

All the clouds begin to morph together

and the sky begins to blur

Humidity runs high

I sigh

The wind toys with my hair

and I begin to feel a chill in the air

the leaves flip to show their underside

Silver Maple, I identified

The sprinkles on my head make me wonder

if it’s really rain, until I hear the thunder

Looks like rain is a comin’

It came

The fields blow

to shelter I go

The birds hide

and the worms come out to die

A tree gives way

but it was dead anyway

The sidewalks are pelted

From a window, everything is melted

but that’s only from the inside

Nature is alive for the first time outside

Looks like rain is a comin’

It came

I begin to ponder

and my thoughts become a whir

Why am I hiding in here?

It’s just rain, nothing severe

Am I afraid of getting wet?

Water is no threat

It’s just the normal thing to do

been taught to always withdrew

I ask myself the whys?

Then I realize what it symbolize

The rain

is the troubles we disdain

We begin to see the problems coming

but still don’t believe the impending

and keep on saying ‘Looks like rain is a comin”

but don’t do a thing

until it came

and we give it a name

like divorce, or abuse, or death

We stop to take a breath

and remember when

we said

Looks like rain is a comin’

and whisper softly ‘It Came’

And so I decide

(with some pride)

I should take this chance

to go dance

in the rain, to enjoy my tribulations

and give all of my burdens

to the heavens

Looks like rain is a comin’

It came

and I’m okay.