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Being Human

Some say being human is an art

each person has his own style

his own way of brushing paint and choices across

this canvas we call life

his own way of sculpting his perspective  on

this statue we call life

his own way of tracing patterns and cutting the cloth of

this fabric we call life

his own way of sketching lines only to erase them on

this paper we call life

each way a creation of new life

each way making something that wasn’t there before

each way budding with imagination

Some say being human is a science

a method to the madness

with notes and numbers

organized in neat little piles

with experiments and graphs

to quantify and qualify

each and every experience

and research papers to write up afterwards

each adding something to the collective knowledge

each adding to the answered questions and creating many unanswered ones

Some say being human is randomness

no light in the darkness

no purpose or meaning

just people and events colliding like pin balls

everything left up to chance and luck

a complete external locus of control

no rhyme or reason to living

Some say being human is a dance

twirling and spinning with others

on this planet sized dance floor

here with one dance partner for a moment

and another the next

a hip and a hop and a jump

a smile and a tear and a kiss

a dip and a twist and a shake

a wave and a laugh and a sigh

listening to the music and moving with it

no scheming, only living

The art

The science

The randomness

The dance

of being human

each believes in something

each creates something

each lives for something

Not which is good or bad

neither better nor worse


which fits you?

The craft

and the skill

and the technique

and the flair

and the talent

of being human

is being you



For the Sake of

In movies

You lose the quality of the written word

the sweet, sweet literary devices

for the sake of visualization

You lose the narrative capability

for the sake of an actor’s actions

You lose the leisure and digestive qualities

for the sake of “Next scene!”

No time to stop

or you’ll miss something new

no time to ponder on something old

You lose control

for the sake of living in someone else’s rapidly expanding imagination

In novels

You lose the rawness of an action

for the sake of recording the movement

You lose the transformation of emotion

for the sake of the categorization of a feeling

You lose the flow motion

for the sake of a mis-configured reader’s imagination

You lose the purity of a glance

for the sake of qualifying it

Sometimes words can do no justice

for what only motion can

This is why life should not be lived in movies or books

but in the act of living

Movies and books can only be enjoyed

once they have a life to build upon


Then Again to Ash

It was reduced to rubble

and then again to ash

again to ash

again to ash

again to ash

Can we ever escape it?

Escape what?


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The fire tears and mangles

Consumes and destroys

This is how the fire lives

how it breathes

Who am I to impede on it’s life?

But is that life?

What if I’m really the fire?

Going through the motions of here and now

but not truly living

What then?

It was reduced to rubble

and then again to ash

Am I Alive?

Am I alive?

Do I truly live?

Of course I don’t mean homeostasis, organized cells and response to stimulus!

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”(Oscar Wilde)

What is LIVING?


What separates humans from sloths? (Although sometimes they’re one in the same) 🙂


What allows humans to think?


What starts wars? Religion, Land, Allies, Oppression


What is the root of these?


What is the root of ideals?

Emotion and  thought

What is THE good and THE bad?

Actions pulled from desire – emotion

Everything comes from emotion, and emotion comes from everything.


How do emotions and living correlate?


You can have emotions without LIVING, but not LIVING without emotions


I believe you have not lived, until you have felt an emotion that cannot be described in a word.


But what kind of this emotion that changes everything?


Positive emotion, yes.

But what if it is a negative emotion?

What then?


What if you’re overwhelming emotion is hate and not love?

Does that make you bad?

What if the best response, the most logical, is hate?


What if happy is a negative emotion, and we’ve been getting it all wrong?


I don’t know. Do I want to know? Do I want my life to be simple and JUST live?


Is it strange that I’m okay with contentment?


I will always strive forward and be better, but . . .

I’m not some character in a teen romance novel where life is going good and then better, then the fall, and come out even better, and nothing can stop the character and it leaving you feeling all warm inside and ready to take on the world.

My life is so much more simple and yet complex than just that ‘type’ of character.


So when a person achieves LIVING, can they fall back and become the unliving?


Can have it, but lose it?

Can you lose emotion?

Can you have all the emotion, everything you need to LIVE, but not accept it?


You have all the







messy background


for grace from God, but not accept it.


God has all the grace in the world, but someone doesn’t want it?


I don’t understand, I truly don’t


Am I Alive?


Up until this past November, I’ve been ‘waiting’ to who I am going to be. Slowly painfully, I become who I am. But what comes after finding yourself? There is a next level, but what does that consist of? I am who I’m suppose to be, but am I LIVING, yet? I’m in and out of being ALIVE. It’s a battle – not of life and death – but of living and unliving. Between surviving and thriving.


I leave you with the beginning of one of my favorite songs by Jamie Grace:

All the signs of life

They’re all around me with every heartbeat

I feel so alive,

I am joy and sadness,

Peace and madness

What are the signs of life?


What are the signs of your life?


Are the signs of your life mean that you are alive?

Am I Alive?