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The Moment Backwards

Clothes soaked, hair flinging water droplets, they stomp up to the shore

With every passing second more and more goose bumps crowded onto her skin

Laughter and water fights burst in to the summer night air

Like the popping of bubble gum, loudly and messy she came up for air

Under there the world was murky, yet serene. Small, yet alive

Masking her rationality and embracing her foolish bravery, she plunged

She stood there contemplating when the other girls cheered her on or called her chicken

She watched as the girls ahead of her swam, only heads showing, with their clothes hugging their frames

One by one they dunked their smiles beneath and came up spurting for the others to do the same

Running awkwardly and giggling at their own spontaneity they charged into the mildly rough sea

The girls shared a common sneaky glance and the decision was made without a word

She dipped a toe, then up to her ankle and called back to the others that it was warm

Sun setting, towels and swimsuits too far up at the house. This was too perfect of a moment to not live in.

Inspired by NaPoWriMo’s 28 prompt of writing a story backwards in a poem. Last day of NaPoWriMo! This year with no challenge!



If My Life Was a Novelization

If my life was a novelization

You would be a main character

You would be a perfect example of foreshadowing

The way the author describes you, just wouldn’t get it right

Just a little off, skewed, not quite there

Your smile alone would take up a chapter

You would be a main character but seen not as much as others

But you affect greatly on the life being told

New emotions and pushing boundaries

will be because of you

The impact of you

and when the last chapter rolls around

When the author writes about

the changes and new beginnings

and old endings

You will be there

Either in soul, mind or body

You will be there

With the reader on  the last page

Absorbing every moment

Every measured sentence

Every carefully picked word

Each comma and beautiful placed semi-colon

With the character expressing the outcome

Which will be because of you

It will come full circle

The foreshadowed will become shadowed

If my life was a novelization

You would be a main character.

This is my last post I can tag as NaPoWriMo!