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When I go onto WordPress

and click on the

Create a New Post


the first thing I always type is


A random fingering of home row keys

first learned in fifth grade typing class by Ms. Naughton

well, that is formally,

to be honest

I’ve grown up with keyboards

and letters on them

I knew the keyboard

before I knew my letters

but at that point

the keys and the letters

might as well have been scribbles.


is what I always type first in the Title box


a piece of writing should always have a title

but not before it is finished

If you decree your title while you are still writing

then it might as well be just scribbles

scribbles on a keyboard typed by a four-year-old

for a piece of writing


and transforms

and adapts

and twists

and turns

a million times before it is finished

So for now

I’ll leave my title

as scribbles on a keyboard typed by a four-year-old

for pieces of writing and life

it is never finished.