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Being Human

Some say being human is an art

each person has his own style

his own way of brushing paint and choices across

this canvas we call life

his own way of sculpting his perspective  on

this statue we call life

his own way of tracing patterns and cutting the cloth of

this fabric we call life

his own way of sketching lines only to erase them on

this paper we call life

each way a creation of new life

each way making something that wasn’t there before

each way budding with imagination

Some say being human is a science

a method to the madness

with notes and numbers

organized in neat little piles

with experiments and graphs

to quantify and qualify

each and every experience

and research papers to write up afterwards

each adding something to the collective knowledge

each adding to the answered questions and creating many unanswered ones

Some say being human is randomness

no light in the darkness

no purpose or meaning

just people and events colliding like pin balls

everything left up to chance and luck

a complete external locus of control

no rhyme or reason to living

Some say being human is a dance

twirling and spinning with others

on this planet sized dance floor

here with one dance partner for a moment

and another the next

a hip and a hop and a jump

a smile and a tear and a kiss

a dip and a twist and a shake

a wave and a laugh and a sigh

listening to the music and moving with it

no scheming, only living

The art

The science

The randomness

The dance

of being human

each believes in something

each creates something

each lives for something

Not which is good or bad

neither better nor worse


which fits you?

The craft

and the skill

and the technique

and the flair

and the talent

of being human

is being you



More Human than Hero

Heroes are just humans,

full of flaws and faults

like the rest of us

They may think that

the flaws are hidden when capes and masks are donned,

that faults fly away when they do,

but instead they just fester and grow

into something without edges

or boundaries.

In trying to save the world,

they forget to save themselves.

They turn more human than hero.

And that is what draws us to them.

You can give us super-humans

and although their powers dazzle us,

we are allured to the human in their names.


Living in the Cracks of Life


Oh, how it grows

Plants shoot up in the wildest places

Side of rocks



In cracks of cement

If there is a seed

there is a way

The plants will find water

They will reach sunlight

They will survive

But then,

Why is it

that a rose bush

given all the care



good soil



Everything the other plant doesn’t

have, it does

How can one have everything

but lose the battle of life?

Bryce 4

Ah, but that is not only with plants

Humans, too

Growing up on the streets Harlem

In poverty of Africa

Refugees from Syria

They have the will to survive

Not only that, but they aspire to thrive


the will to live

is a greater proponent

in thriving

than the ability to survive

So many of us

take the ability

to live

to read

to eat

to speak

to have a home

for granted

And it’s just random

You are born

and some are born into a good family

a good life

a chance of good education

a chance of having a good future

and the other’s don’t.

They have to fight

to even survive

Their will power is amazing

But then some of the humans

who have everything


They fall hard

They are given all the opportunities

but turn to ‘unsmart’ choices in their lives

that determine their whole future

and maybe they wither

and slowly decay

Until they are a husk

and essentially are dead.

Why is life like this?

Why can the Haves be overpowered with goodness?

Does good opportunities fall into ‘too much is never a good thing?’


the will to live

is a greater proponent

in thriving

than the ability to survive

047 DSC02909

Each Blade

Have you ever

just stared at the grass?

Sit or lay down

in the grass

This sea of green

and only focus on the grass

Not the birds singing

Not the wind blowing

Not the dogs barking

Not the bugs buzzing

Just the grass

Waving your hand across

the soft and fluffy

or maybe hard and crackly


The different widths

long and thin

short and wide

dark emerald

light emerald

easy to bend

stiff blades

All these differences

and unless you get down to their level

You’ll never notice


What if

God sees us this way

This sea of people

with different problems

and joys


and Fears

And God could just keep on walking on the grass

But He doesn’t

The Lord gets down to our level

He learns each and everyone of us

He learns our hearts

our dreams

our relationships

how we think

our stress

Knows us personally

Have you ever

just stared at humanity?

God has

hummyhummy / Foter / CC BY

hummyhummy / Foter / CC BY