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I hug you

and I try to convey

how I feel about you and this situation

I hug tight to tell you I am supporting you

I hug long to speak to you about how I trying to pour out my love

even though I have tried so many times in words

I hug fully to say you are not alone and I am always here

I hug you because

I’m happy

or you’re happy

I hug you because

I’m crying

or you’re crying

I hug you because

this situation really sucks and a hug is the only way to get through it

I hug you because

it’s hello

or it’s good-bye

I hug you because

it’s the only thing keeping me on the ground

I hug you because

I want to

I wish I could hold onto this moment,

hold onto you

So I close my eyes to memorize this moment

Hugs are so underrated


Flickr/Matthew G