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One Day a Year

Today is my birthday

and it is so nice to be recognized,

the very special day that comes once ayear

that everyone who cares about you

sends cards

gives gifts

spends quality time with you

calls and texts to say ‘Happy Birthday’

does creative special projects

It is so wonderful to be reminded that people care about you!

But the best thing about today

is that I get to share the day with my lovely twin sister.

Today is the one day a year that everyone recognizes me,

but everyday I feel so special to have a sister like her!

So today is not only my birthday,

but our birthday

And that

is what makes it even all the more special.



Foter / CC BY

I Wish You

I wish you enough laughs to carry you through the cries

I wish you enough do-nothing-days to help you through the hectic ones

I wish you enough blissful moments that calm you in the storm

I wish you enough rejection to make the success feel even better

I wish you enough quiet moments to appreciate the small things and praise God for big things

I wish you enough people that make you giggle like school girls to soothe you through the grumpy ones

I wish you enough gloomy days to be grateful for the bright ones

I wish you happy birthday Mama.


Just a little personalized version for my Mom’s birthday of I Wish You Enough which you can read here. Happy birthday Mama! 🙂



In My Daddy’s Arms

In my Daddy’s arms a little 4 pounds and 14 ounce baby girl.

In my Daddy’s arms dancing to Elvis twisting that little three year old body.

In my Daddy’s arms walking down to the bus stop for the first time.

In my Daddy’s arms reading ‘Pat sat on the mat.’

In my Daddy’s arms after dinner listening to the Upper Room Devotional.

In my Daddy’s arms running to him when he gets home from work.

In my Daddy’s arms reading a comic book at night.

In my Daddy’s arms at church listening to my pastor’s sermon.

In my Daddy’s arms hugging good – night.

I will always be in my Daddy’s arms.

Just a small poem I wrote back in 6th grade. The quality I admire most about my father is his faith. His faith as a Christian, but also as a father, husband, employee, and a veteran. My father spends hours on Sunday school lessons, research for the best product the church needs at that time, and his time put forth as an Elder at our church. My father tries to always bring God into the situation and share his faith. My father has always helped us with our homework and never once missed a night to say good-night to me and my sister. He makes sure that his daughters have all the tools to be the best they can be. As a husband, I see the sweet small things his does and makes me smile. My parents always make time for their marriage, and not just having married being a word that they are. My father works very hard at his job and as shown me many life lessons through how he reactions to situations. My father’s pride in his country and his views help me shape my views and values, even if they differ. I love you Daddy, happy birthday!


My Candles

Grab the candles from the cabinet

Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green

Lift the tab

Shake the box

Grab it by the wicks

Place them in piles of three

Count them to match my age

Stove them into the cake

Light a match

Light the candles

The fire getting close to my hand

All the candles are lite

Blow out the match

Set it on a napkin

Smile at all the faces

Young, Old, all happy

And they begin to sing

First a slow ‘Happy’

and soon the others join in

The rough voices

but soft with care

Wax drips

And the song ends

and they stare

Waiting to see the fire flicker out

Wishes flunder through my head

I choose

I inhale

I blow

From an aerial attack I wipe out all the lights

even the ones on the sides of the cake

No boyfriends for me!

Pull out the candles

and let’s eat cake!

 Foter / CC BY

Foter / CC BY

Today is my birthday!