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After the Rain

After the rain

the air is thick as marshmallow fluff

sticking to arms and legs with every movement

so hard to get off

except it doesn’t taste

like marshmallow fluff

After the rain

the air tastes like the water hose in the summertime

when it is so hot

wondering if the witch’s

the oven in the gingerbread house,

is around the world

but the air

after the rain

tastes like the water hose



with a touch of iron

After the rain

the water stuck on the roof

slides to the gutters

and falls like bombs

to the ground.

How can a


and a


sound a like?

After the rain

the sidewalk is like a worm minefield

careful not to step on one

or else it will explode

of course the only shrapnel

will be worm entrails

the only mess on the bottom of a shoe

no dead bodies

except the worm.

Well, he was going to die anyways

either drowning in the ground because of the rain

or being stepped on by a giant’s shoe

or being burned alive when the sun came out

He was going to die anyways.

After the rain

trying to step on dry ground

is like playing hot lava

with couch cushions

and old books

eventually feet will

burn from lava


get wet

After the rain

stepping in puddles

is like going to a

white elephant gift swap

not knowing

if the puddle

or gift

will contain

treasure or trash.

After the rain



leppre / Foter / CC BY