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I Am

I am the chorus stuck in your head

I am the perfect hair day

I am the golden leaf falling in autumn

I am your second favorite pair of shoes

I am the Frisbee you throw at the beach

I am your homework on Friday night

I am the birthday card underneath your bed

I am the Chicken Alfredo on the first date with your future spouse

I am the chilling breeze in spring time

I am the pen out of ink

I am the New Year’s Eve bubbly

I am the pixel on your iPhone

I am the little girl’s fifth tooth taken by the ‘tooth fairy’

I am the Ma and Pa restaurant that you never stop at

I am the cool soda on a warm summer day

I am the smile of the greeter in your local supermarket

I am always there, but never remembered.



Flооd via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Yet Not Forgotten: A Rondeau Poem

Something that ends in memory

Is something that I do not wish to be

Asking, begging, forget me. Please?

Remembered for person, not for glories

Not for great world acts, personally, me


Over lifetime being, salute to me

Minutes of fame do not define ably

Softly in heart, not bravely in stories

Of me, yet not forgotten


Remember weakness, doubts, getting by

Not public image, life looking glossy

I’m fragile flower, not glowing rubies

Recall me in whispers, not glees

Common girl, not celebrity

Of me, yet not forgotten



Flооd via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Gum Wrapper

He feels like a gum wrapper

The wrapper is twisted and alone on the staircase of a high school

It’s silver foil shining out, but no one cares enough to do anything with it

It was crumpled in less than a second and forgotten in even less

Oh, the careless thoughts that created him

Feet step on him and push him down another step

He has no control of where he goes

and he is at the mercy of those who care not for his meager existence

A loner just like the wrapper notices and picks him up

And starts picking him apart

Piece by piece

Shredding him

The Loner drops the pieces

and what was once something all alone

Is now broken with company.