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Holding White and Red Roses

All the eyes stared at me

like I am their TV and the cameras are truly their popcorn.

Words were spoken with difficultly.

The words were hard to be expressed though the mouth,

but conveyed flawlessly with a look and a soft smile.

Tears bled down his rough cheek.

The whole room felt clammy.

The fake silk lining of my jacket rubbed against me.

Something wet escaped the organs that I see out of.

I was holding roses.

White and red.

They were in vases,

not plastic wrapping from the store.

This took planning.

Planning to make me feel special.

A smile was etched on his face.

A smile was etched on my face.

I do not think I could have taken it down even if I wanted to.

I did not.

This was special.

This moment was special.

I do not really remember the words

he said.

I remember the feeling.

I was glowing.

Glowing and

Crying and

Smiling and

Holding white and red roses.



Being Bold

Being bold

is a conscious deliberate act

and continuous acts that can,

and more than possibly,

will change your peers view

of you and

in turn change you,

forever with no turning back.


I am afraid to be bold

I am afraid to have others perception

of who I am

change drastically


I am afraid to stand out

and what if I cannot stand the test?


Being bold

means that you are always


and what if I just want to be


There is no going back.

It’s constant

It’s continuous

It’s always and only

It’s forever

Being Bold.