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Like Fireworks Underwater

Like Fireworks Underwater

I can imagine it

The spray nipping at my face from the explosion

A muffled boom

The color majestically mixing with the sea green

My neck doesn’t hurt from staring up, but gazing down

‘Ahhh’ reflect off of the lake and do not melt in the misty dark

Sparks drown

I can imagine it

but it is impossible

The imagination allows us to be in the realm of the unreal

We believe, out of necessity, that we can make the unreal, real

We need a hope

Striving to make this world ‘farther from the actual, and nearer to the imaginative’*

That hope comes from something so fragile

Ohhh, how fragile the mind is

Playing make-believe with real lives and excepting it to turn out like my Grandma’s apple pie

Sometimes life isn’t sweet

so we like to dream up something better

Living Reveling in the unreality

A reality of millionaires

A reality of true loves

A reality of peace

A reality of no persecution

A reality of equality

A reality of Okay-ness

A reality of happiness

A reality of fairy tales

A reality of no short straws pulled

A reality of no tooth aches

A reality of Hakuna Matata

A reality of power

A reality of dreams

A reality such as this is very unlikely

But what is hope supposed to be then?

Sugar Plums aren’t dancing in my head,

Underwater Fireworks are.

Foter / CC BY-SA

Foter / CC BY-SA

  • * From The Custom-House of the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Don’t Miss Out on the Fireworks

You have to look past the mosquito to see the fireworks.

Your swatting at all the mosquitoes from taking a bite out of you

you miss the fireworks.

You focus on the little petty things of life

you miss the amazing and happy experiences of life

You are focused on the tiny problem right in front of you

and not the whole night sky lite up by joy

Your surrounded by family oohhhh and aaahhh

soaking up the beauty

and your swatting away the takers of joy

but when you are doing this

You are taking away your own joy.

Foter / CC BY-SA

Foter / CC BY-SA