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That Place Between

It first starts in my chest

this energy

that I wish was foreign

Sometimes the pain is

an ache,

an emptiness,

or a physical tangible feeling

that you can hold.

The energy spreads from that place between

my heart and lungs

to my limbs.

Fingers shaking,

toes curled.

Constantly aware

of everything

inside of me.

All this happens

before my mind

even acknowledges what is happening.


The Fear Underneath

The monster under the bed

Spiders, heights, public speaking


but these are just surface fears

Not the heart palpitating hysteria


The one you would die before facing

unless the fear is dying

The fears of a child

Manifest themselves into the subconscious of the adult mind

Fear is a concept

The qualities of what you fear is the real terror

Few go beyond the surface

dive into the murky qualities of the real fear

The underlying true fear of the surface level

The terror hidden so well

This type of fear so little overcome

because so few know of it’s underlying existence

The fear underneath